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10 Absolutely Stunning Kitchen Renovations We Loved from 2022

published Dec 28, 2022
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Browsing kitchen renovations is such a dopamine hit, whether you’re just enjoying others’ updates or looking to add ideas to your own mood board. Here are some of the most delightful transformations from this year’s Renovation Diaries.

1. From Cookie Cutter to Bright & Beautiful

This kitchen went from dark and cookie cutter to bright and beautiful. Touches of warmth keep the room grounded: The warm wooden island anchors the space and flecks of gold brought in through the hardware and open shelving detail make this kitchen sing. 

Credit: Petra Ford

2. From Brown and Orange to Bold and Green

The brown and orange color palette did nothing for this kitchen. The layout made it even worse. The owners were able to transform the room, thanks largely to their bold color choice for cabinets. Now a classic but contemporary hue of green fills the kitchen with vitality. 

Credit: Liz Daly

3. From Family-Friendly to Super-Sophisticated

Orange-toned wood and red countertops served this family well for years, but once the nest was empty, a makeover was in order. White upper cabinets paired with the most soothing teal tone you’ve ever seen uplift the space and everyone in it. 

Credit: Tanya Lacourse

4. From Builder-Grade to Nancy Meyers Vibes

This kitchen’s makeover turned a blah kitchen into a moody jewel of a room. Rich green cabinets and black countertops play with dark floral wallpaper and light wood accents for a space that’s as warm and inviting as it is beautiful. 

Credit: Petra Ford

5. From Lackluster to Light-Filled

Before, this kitchen was a lackluster beige, but the couple who bought this house had a vision. Now light pours into their Spanish-inspired space, flooding it with sunlight and views of outside. 

Credit: Madeline Harper

6. From Dark and Heavy to Light and Airy

This previously dark and heavy kitchen got a glow-up that includes gorgeous floating shelves and bay leaf-colored cabinets. Gold accents gleam, and the Hallman Italian Range offers oodles of personality. 

Credit: Debra Somerville

7. From Yuck to Yay for $150,000

This fresh kitchen with eye-catching pops of blue is even more impressive once you see the before photos. The job was a gut renovation, completed just before the pandemic.

Credit: Petra Ford

8. From Dated and Dreary to Chic and Cozy

This kitchen took six years to renovate, but the end result is so worth it. The overall looks is mostly white and airy, but wooden accents keep things interesting and cozy. 

Credit: Christine Han

9. From So-So to Uniquely Artistic

This couple transformed their wonky kitchen into an artistic space full of smart storage solutions for $2,100. Our favorite part? The gorgeous and utterly unique backsplash. 

Credit: Photo: Ryan Fung

10. From Kinda Boring to Totally Stylish

This isn’t a boring black and white kitchen. The effect of the classic two-tone color combination is a peaceful space. Details like tone-on-tone black hardware on black cabinets, wooden floating shelves, and a stunning gold faucet keep things interesting.