15 of the Best Kitchen Products at IKEA, According to Enthusiastic Customer Reviews

published Aug 16, 2021
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I have been to IKEA twice in the past month. Both times, I walked out with much more than I originally planned. The maze that is IKEA got to me — especially the meandering kitchen-centric parts. I’m now the owner of many dish towels, wooden spoons, plastic cutting boards, glass measuring cups … the list goes on.

These trips (and their subsequent hauls), got me thinking: What are the best kitchen products at IKEA? To find out, I went to IKEA’s website and scoured the kitchen section, looking at the top-reviewed products. I figured something had to be good if it was moving enough people to go to the IKEA website in order to leave a glowing review.

From my research, here are 15 of the best kitchen items at IKEA, according to very happy customers.

1. Grilla Grill Pan

This nonstick grill pan features a foldable wooden handle (to save space during storage) and has hundreds of positive reviews. One reviewer says, “We love our Grilla and are on our second one just because we use it so much!”

2. Kavalkad Frying Pan

This 11-inch nonstick frying pan is just $6. That’s absurdly cheap! Customers say it is their “FAVORITE frying pan” and that “nothing sticks” to it.

3. Mixtur Baking Dishes

This $10 baking dish set can go from stovetop to table and is particularly helpful if you cook mostly for one or do the majority of your roasting and baking in a toaster oven. It’s so good, it’s been featured on Kitchn before!

4. Koncis Roasting Pan with Grill Rack

A great roasting pan generally goes for about $100 — with the exception of this guy. Reviewers say that this $13 roasting pan exceeds their expectations.

5. Prickig Microwave Lid

This lid costs about $1 and has tiny perforations that release steam, making it perfect for reheating food in the microwave. It’s called a “necessity” by some and “amazing” by others.

6. Heat Trivet

Ah, the mighty trivet. Here to serve and protect your countertops from hot skillets, baking dishes, sheet pans, and more. These cork trivets come in a set of three and reviewers love using them as both trivets and coasters. This stainless steel trivet is pricier, but has equally positive reviews.

7. Gubbröra Rubber Spatula

This silicone spatula runs for just $2, which is 10 times less than a spatula I recently purchased. But, how good is it? It’s great, according to reviewers. “I bought one and liked it so much, I bought more in additional colors,” one happy shopper says.

8. Idealisk Colander

This $8 colander fits over your sink, which is mighty helpful for draining pasta, rinsing vegetables, what have you! Customers love it and so do Kitchn editors. Here’s what one of my coworkers said about it before: “This inexpensive find not only strains your food while it hovers in mid-air, but it also means you can drain noodles even if your sink is lined with dirty dishes” Reviewers also note how “smartly designed” it is and that it “fits perfectly across the sink.”

9. Vardagen Measuring Cup

This measuring cup is actually one of my recent IKEA purchases! It’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe and has a pouring spout and 4-cup measurement markings. Customers say it “pours beautifully” and love its “sleek design.”

10. Lämplig Chopping Board

This $20 cutting board has a sizeable juice groove, which is mighty helpful when, say, carving a roast chicken. (It’s another favorite, here at Kitchn.) You can actually place it over your sink, creating additional countertop space for those with small kitchens. Customers say they “love the size” and that “this over-the-counter cutting board has changed my life.”

11. Produkt Milk Frother

Is this incredibly bargain-priced, $2 milk frother what your at-home coffee or tea routine needs? According to the customer reviews, it is! As one reviewer says, “This is the best little hand frother I have ever owned! My expensive hand frother (that was almost $30) finally broke and I grabbed this while I was at IKEA until I could order another one. This frother is very powerful and works just as well as my other one!”

12. Upphetta French Press Coffee Maker

This French press coffee maker is available in two different sizes, both of which cost less than $9. Here’s what a happy customer had to say about it: “This is my third purchase of this item. It is simply the best French press I have found. The mesh screen doesn’t leak any grounds into your coffee, there are no plastic pieces that contact your beverage except when pouring through the lid, it’s durable, and it’s the perfect size for a single serving. It lasts for years.”

13. Riklig Teapot

If tea’s more your thing, then this $15 glass teapot with a built-in strainer might be perfect for you. Customers “adore” it and say it “makes brewing a pot [of] tea easy and quick.”

14. IKEA 365+ Food Container with Lid

These glass food storage containers come in lots of shapes and sizes — all of which are equally loved by customers. Customers like the snap-on lids and say they’re “the only storage containers you will ever need.”

15. Bevara Sealing Clips

For $3, you get a set of 30 sealing clips for storing half-bags of pretzels, open things of rice, a bag of shredded cheese … you get the idea! Reviewers say they’re “perfect” and that they help “keep everything from cereal to crackers to treats from going stale in the pantry.”

Do you have a favorite IKEA kitchen product? Let us know in the comments!