The Most Game-Changing Finds for Organizing Your Kitchen in 2022

published Dec 31, 2022
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Credit: Anna Spaller

Confession: I have a weakness for products meant for organization. They evoke a sense of order and the promise of functionality. But, of course, not all organizers are created equal. And I have to constantly remind myself not to fall into the trap of buying organizers just because.

That said, this past year has shown us that there are some true kitchen heroes out there. Here are the most game-changing options that we discovered in 2022: 

1. A knife holder that holds so much more than knives.

This magnetic knife rack makes storage space out of nothing and holds so much more than knives. Plus, it only costs $12. Professional flipper Dana McMahan has bought one every time she’s renovated a kitchen. If you don’t have one already, pick up one (or more) pronto.

2. A door organizer that frees up drawer space.

Using space on the inside of a cabinet door solves so many overcrowded-drawer problems. In this case, using the mDesign plastic adhesive mount storage organizer emptied an entire drawer that was previously used to store wraps and bags. 

3. A beautiful tray set that brings order to your sink area.

It’s not easy to make the stuff you need near your sink look nice. Putting loose items on a tray is one of the best ways to make your things look orderly. These nesting trays in particular aren’t just utilitarian — they’re artful. 

4. Plastic storage bins that eliminate pantry digging.

If your pantry shelves have any depth at all, these plastic storage bins are crucial. They help corral items you keep in bags and allow you to pull out the items that would otherwise be lost in back rows so you can see them and access them. Ina Garten herself uses this system, so it must be great!

5. Organizers that finally get your under-sink area under control.

The under-sink area, with all its plumbing and other intrusions, is notoriously hard to use. Yet it’s the most convenient place to store your cleaning supplies, dishwasher detergent, and other kitchen necessities. Enter: a few Brightroom stackable drawers and storage trays, and one of your messiest spaces will become one of the most efficient. 

6. Clear drawer organizers that solve even the messiest junk drawer problems.

Everything Drawer Organizers give everything a place — even all those odds and ends that find their way to your kitchen junk drawer. Once you have like items nestled in their little compartments, you’ll actually be able to find all those things you have to have in the kitchen! 

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