The Very Best Organizers and Cleaning Supplies Every Home Cook Needs for 2022

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Earlier this month, we launched our guide to the ultimate list of kitchen tools and cookware for 2022 (it’s called Kitchn Essentials and you can browse the whole thing here!). It features eight categories, including the ones you’d expect — like knives, cookware, small appliances. And also one you maybe wouldn’t expect: our favorite gear for cleaning and organizing.

See, we believe that a good all-purpose cleaner is just as important as a good skillet. And being able to find the lid to your favorite pot is pretty crucial. So this category is actually fairly large, with 17 super-smart finds. Everything in this list will help you clean up, get things in order, or just make your life in the kitchen a bit easier. Let’s take a look!

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Best Drawer Organizer
was $14.99

Executive Lifestyle Director Lisa Freedman bought this for her narrow silverware drawer a few years ago and she hasn't stopped talking about it since then. The ingenious design lets you stack forks, knives, and spoons in overlapping slots. It's less than six inches wide and holds a full set of flatware.

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Best Knife Holder

If you're surprised to see a knife block on this list, allow us to explain: This is the only knife block that we recommend. Its hexagonal shape and multiple magnetic sides can fit up to three knives each and accommodate knives of all shapes and sizes. It swivels around 360 degrees (thus the name) to allow for easy access. And there are no skinny slots for bacteria to hide in!

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Best Pot Organizer

You can finally stop hunting around for that matching lid, thanks to this adjustable organizer. It has 10 dividers, which are sturdy enough to hold pots and pot lids, so your giant sauté pan and its lid can always live side-by-side. We also love that it expands from 12 to 22 inches and has grips on the bottom to keep it from sliding around.

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Best Lazy Susan

Ever since Production Editor Tracey Gertler harnessed her new year energy last year and bought several of these lazy Susans, she can't stop raving. "They continue to make such a difference in helping me to find exactly what ingredient I need, when I need it. They've also helped to prevent overbuying because I can see exactly what I have on hand," she says.

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Best Dish Brush

While we would have loved to suggest a gorgeously designed brush with a sleek wooden handle here, we just couldn’t. Because this is one of the many times when you need function over form in the kitchen. This brush holds a good amount of dish soap, which you can easily dispense with the press of a button.

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Best Bottle Brush

When you need a bottle brush, only a bottle brush will do. This model has a generous amount of bristles that really do hit all the spots, a comfortable handle, and a long neck that reaches deep into water bottles and travel mugs.

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Best Dish Soap
was $12.89

"I have yet to find a reliable dish soap that does a better job of fighting caked-on grease," says Associate Food Editor Cory Fernandez. In addition to washing dishes, we also love Dawn for all sorts of other tasks, like cleaning stainless steel or degreasing kitchen cabinets.

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Best Dishwasher Detergent

Editor-in-Chief Faith Durand swears by this dishwasher powder and has since converted many Kitchn staffers. Paired with our number-one dishwasher tip — use less than half the recommended amount for each load! — cloudy, streaky glasses will be a thing of the past.

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Best All-Purpose Cleaner

This brand's emphasis on sustainability is just one of the reasons we love it. Critically, it actually works — and it also smells divine. "Seventh Generation not only does a great job of getting rid of dirt, grime, and stains, but it also leaves a fresh, woodsy smell behind!" says Cory.

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Best Dish Cloths
Sur La Table

For drying dishes, nothing beats these super-absorbent towels. They don't leave any lint behind and maintain their fluffiness through many (many) wash cycles. We recommend investing in at least one of these simple, but still stylish sets.

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Best Side Towels

While those white ribbed towels (left) are excellent for dishes, these chef favorites are what you'll use to clean up spills, wipe your sticky hands, pick up pot lids, and more. For around the same price as a set of two fancier towels, you'll get 15 of these workhorses.

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Best Kitchen Mat
House of Noa

A kitchen mat that's also stylish now exists, thanks in part to Kitchn. The brand used to only make play mats for kids’ rooms, but Lisa said she wanted to use some tiles in her kitchen and the idea spiraled from there. The company now makes gorgeous mats that look like vintage rugs but feel like cushy mousepads for your feet! We couldn’t stand in our kitchens for as long as we do without these.

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Best Trash Can

We think that your recycling bin is just as important as your trash bin, so we like that this simplehuman can has compartments for both. It also has a wide steel pedal, a soft-close lid, and liners that will keep your bags from slipping into the can. It's a lot of money to spend on a trash can, yes, but we've found that we almost always end up hating less expensive trash cans. It also comes in rose gold, which Groceries Editor Mara Weinraub has and says gets a lot of compliments.

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Best Compost Bin

We don't care that much about charcoal filters. What we really care about when it comes to compost bins is that they can go in the dishwasher. Because you're going to want to clean it between pickups and you're not going to want to do it by hand. This one has a charcoal filter and is dishwasher-safe. Plus, it's easy on the eyes.

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Best Dish Drying Rack

If you have the counter space for a dish drying rack, this is the one we recommend. It has spots for utensils, mugs, and stemmed wine glasses, and a swivel spot to ensure water drainage actually goes back into your sink. An anti-residue coating keeps it from getting gross and, when you do need to clean it, the utensil holder and wire frame are dishwasher-safe. If you don't have the counter space, go for this over-the-sink option from Food52.

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Best Stick Vacuum
was $449.99

The best vacuum is the one you actually use. We use this stick vacuum and even look forward to it. The soft roller head is a game-changer for cleaning floors (especially hardwood ones), gliding effortlessly without leaving any scratches or scuffs. It can also easily swivel and switch directions, and squeeze into hard-to-reach spaces.

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Best Mop
Home Depot

Our biggest issue with mops isn't the mop at all, but rather the bucket. You fill the bucket with clean soapy water, dip your mop into it, and end up mopping with not-so-clean-anymore water. The solution? This mop, which keeps clean and dirty water totally separate.

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