10 of the Most Popular Kitchen Organizers on Amazon

updated Jun 3, 2024
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Short of opening up all your friends’ and neighbors’ kitchen cabinets and searching through their pantries, it’s not exactly easy to see just how people are organizing their spaces. Unless, of course, you check Amazon to see what people are buying when it comes to kitchen organizers.

The retail giant publishes lists (that are updated hourly) to highlight the bestsellers in various categories across the site, with organizers for both the home and kitchen consistently being some of their biggest hitters with shoppers. Because we know you and your neighbor would prefer that you didn’t look through their stuff, we browsed the lists and pulled out 10 of the smartest, top-rated organizers you can get your hands on right now. Check out some of the most popular kitchen organizers on Amazon below.

Found a kitchen organizer you swear by on Amazon that we missed? We want to hear about it! Tell us all about your favorites in the comments below!

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was $29.99

Drawers are always better than cabinets. It's a fact. And, you can turn a cabinet (or a pantry shelf) into drawers with this two-tier organizer. Set it up and you'll always be able to see what's on the very back of a shelf, which means you'll save money because you'll stop buying things you already have.

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If you've ever had a can fall off a pantry shelf (and onto your foot), you know that an organizer can be crucial. This rack can hold up to 36 cans, and it'll not only keep things in order, but it'll also help you see what you have at a glance.

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A lazy Susan is another great way to make sure you can see all the ingredients on a shelf. This one has a non-skid bottom and a raised edge to keep bottles and jars in place while you spin it around.

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Many Kitchn staffers are obsessed with this drawer organizer, so it's not surprising to us that so many other people love it, too. It fits in even the most narrow drawers and holds a full set of flatware.

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Great for pans, lids, cutting boards, baking sheets, and more, this organizer rack comes with sturdy wire dividers that'll hold up your cookware. No more frying pan avalanches in your kitchen!

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was $21.99

While we're generally against buying bins just for the sake of it, we are firm believers of putting bins in the fridge or freezer. These are a great way to organize items: They're clear (so you can easily see what's inside) and the handles make them easy to grab.

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Lately, we've been really big on the idea of using over-the-door shoe organizers in the pantry. Turns out, other people are, too, because this organizer is made for pantry ingredients and not shoes. Use them to hold sauce packets, unopened condiments, snacks, and more.

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was $19.99

Get all your plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and parchment paper boxes in order with this little holder. Don't have space for this? We've got the easiest hack to hang up the boxes on the inside of a cabinet door.

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This organizer will double the amount of storage space you have under your kitchen sink. Amazon shoppers are obsessed and so is one of our writers: She says it's so simple yet it makes all the difference in the world.

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Even if you have a dishwasher, you're still going to have to wash certain items by hand and you need a place to put them as you work. This is the bestselling dish rack on all of Amazon. It's simple, it gets the job done, and it's inexpensive!