The 10 Best Things We Bought for Our Kitchens in the Last Decade

updated Jan 8, 2020
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Credit: Liz Calka

We’re nine days in and we still can’t believe we’re in a new decade. Again. (How does that keep happening?) We don’t feel like we’re that far away from 2010 but, when you really think about it, we are. Since 2010, Kitchen design trends have come and gone (buh-bye, open concept layouts! Hello, cane-backed chairs!), ingredients have exploded (looking at you, cauliflower!), and various kitchen gadgets have gotten trendy and/or come on the scene to change the way we cook at home.

Because we’re feeling nostalgic, we decided to take a look back at the 10 best things we bought for our kitchens in the last decade. Some of these things were invented within that time frame, some have been around for longer — and they all have so much staying power, we imagine they’ll be around for the next decade, too.

Credit: Walmart

1. 6-Quart Instant Pot Duo

The first commercially available Instant Pot was released in 2010 and, honestly, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen a small appliance have such a large impact. The multi-cooker has gotten increasingly popular over the past five years and estimates say about a fifth of American households have an Instant Pot! It truly is a game-changer (and we think it will continue to be). Late to the Instant Pot Party (Instant Porty?) we’ve got everything you need to know about it right here.

Buy: 6-Quart Instant Pot Duo, $100

Credit: GIR Spatula

2. GIR Premium Silicone Spatula

You’d think it’d be hard to improve upon a traditional spatula, but you’d be wrong! The spatula remained relatively unchanged until the folks at GIR got involved. They created a stirrer that’s coated with one seamless piece of silicone. That means there are no holes or cracks for bacteria or crud to build up in. Not only is it easy to clean, but it’s the best tool for mixing batter and really scraping down the sides of bowls.

Buy: GIR Premium Silicone Spatula, $12

Credit: Amazon

3. PepperMate Pepper Mill

Not all pepper mills are created equal! This one has a ceramic grinding mechanism that will not rust or corrode, an easy-to-turn crank, a wide mouth for filling, and a cap that catches errant pieces of pepper. Season one dish with this pepper mill and you’ll understand why it’s made this list.  

Buy: PepperMate Peppermill, $28

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4. Joseph Joseph DrawerStore

It seems silly to put a drawer organizer on the same list as something as life-changing as the Instant Pot, but hear us out. This skinny utensil holder hit the market a few years ago at a major trade show and, when we saw it, we audibly gasped. If you have narrow drawers at home, you’ll understand.

Buy: Joseph Joseph DrawerStore, $10

Credit: Amazon

5. OXO Angled Measuring Cup Set

Bending down to get eye-level with your measuring cup is soooo 2000s of you! OXO came out with this updated design more than a decade ago and, now, bakers and cooks just have to look at the cups from ABOVE to see the amounts. Achy backs around the world have never been more appreciative.

Buy: OXO Angled Measuring Cup Set, $20 for three

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6. Jane Domestic Suede Oven Mitt

Our Editor-in-Chief first wrote about this suede oven mitt back in 2014 and she’s been obsessed ever since. Actually, we’ve all been obsessed with it. See, it’s beautiful AND practical (read: truly protects against heat). And unlike so many other oven mitts, it has proven to hold up extremely well over time.

Buy: Jane Domestic Suede Oven Mitt, $29

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7. Breville Compact Smart Oven

The last decade saw lots of “smart” appliances (slow cookers that connect to your phone for temperature modification, refrigerators that can take you around the internet, etc!). This toaster oven is considered smart because it has a special technology element that monitors the hot spots and transfers additional heat where it’s needed. “I continue to fall for my Breville Smart Oven every time I use it,” says Sheela Prakash, our senior contributing food editor. “It’s really not just a regular old toaster oven. It heats well and has so many fun-but-useful settings like pizza and reheat. Plus it basically feels like we have a second oven, which really comes in handy when entertaining. I find myself using it at least a couple of times a day.”

Buy: Breville Compact Smart Oven, $229

Credit: East Fork

8. The Mug

How can a mug break the internet? We’re not entirely sure, but this one has. East Fork Pottery launched back in 2009 and, a few years ago, saw its mug totally explode. It sells out OFTEN — especially when a new color is introduced. Kitchn editors love this mug (and, honestly, all the pottery from this brand). We recently PAUSED a staff meeting when the online shop had a major sale so that we could place our orders.

Buy: The Mug, $36 at East Fork Pottery

Credit: Amazon

9. OXO Good Grips Spiralizer

Spiralizers are for the 2010s what salad shooters were for 1990s — trendy produce machines. But actually, spiralizers are probably a bit more useful. This one, from OXO, can turn zucchini (and other produce) into spaghetti, fettuccine, and wide ribbons. And it can rice a whole head of cauliflower (because you KNOW riced cauliflower was huge during the later part of the decade).

Buy: OXO Good Grips Spiralizer, $40

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10. Philips Premium Digital XXL Air Fryer

If we’re going to start this list with the Instant Pot, it makes sense to end it with an air fryer — the other small appliance that’s disrupted home cooking (especially in the last few years). As people want to make more and more healthy choices, the market has opened up for air fryers, which use a teeny-tiny amount of oil to “fry” food. There are dozens (hundreds?) on the market, but this big guy is the one our gear pro likes best because it can feed a crowd.

Buy: Philips Premium Digital XXL Air Fryer, $350

What was the best thing you bought for your kitchen during the last decade? Tell us in the comments below!