The 10 Most Life-Changing Kitchen Gadgets We Swooned Over in 2018

updated May 1, 2019
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Every now and then, we stumble upon a gadget that truly does change how we cook or work in the kitchen. It’s not often (and there’s a lot of unnecessary stuff out there in the world), so when it happens we like to shout it from the rooftops — or, at the very least, this site. In 2018, Kitchn editors and writers discovered a few things that helped make us faster, neater, and happier.

Here are 10 of those things. They’re the 10 most life-changing tools we wrote about this year.

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This simple-yet-brilliant faucet attachment has been in my rental kitchen since I moved in a few years ago, but I never stopped to appreciate it until just recently. It turns my super-basic faucet into a more useful one, as it swivels all around to target specific areas in the sink and it can be adjusted to change streams. I’d have a much harder time washing dishes without this thing.

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When I wrote this story the other week, the price of this wine saver was up to $12 — versus the $9 price tag it had when our Assistant Food Editor and resident wine expert, Sheela Prakash, raved about it. But it’s still totally worth it — even at a few dollars more. (Dear Amazon, please stop changing your prices so much!) She swears it’s the best wine saver out there and the only gadget that really lets her slowly enjoy a bottle of wine throughout a stressful week.

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If you frequently travel for work or fun, you may find yourself loving this microwave egg cooker as much as one of our contributors does. Kristin Amico says she uses it in hotels and Airbnbs to make a healthy breakfast and loves that she doesn’t have to pay for an overpriced restaurant meal each morning. (The Amazon price on this guy has also changed. At least this time, it worked in our favor: down to $6.50 from $9!)

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4. Bernzomatic Propane Torch Kit, $20 at Home Depot

Get our Editor-in-Chief, Faith Durand, talking about kitchen torches and you’ll see the passion in her eyes. See, she believes that every single home cook needs a torch in the kitchen, and not one of those cheap-o kitchen torches — a real one from the hardware store. She’s got a few reasons, but she specifically lights up when she talks about how a torch really teaches you about the fundamentals of how food cooks. She makes some very good points, of course!

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The toast at Sqirl (a popular restaurant in Los Angeles) is legendary. And the Sqirl cookbook reveals that this butter spreader is the key. Sure, it’s a little specialized, but it doesn’t take up a ton of room. And don’t you want to have epic-level toast?

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Our Managing Editor, Lauren Kodiak, bought this solely based on price earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised to find that it really does work great, too. Now, instead of buying and grinding coffee at the grocery store, she can get her favorite beans and grind them fresh each day.

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In more grinding news, we learned this year that Ina Garten swears by the same pepper mill that we love! This one, from a totally underrated brand, is probably the easiest pepper mill in the entire world to load. It’s also easy to adjust and grind. And its unique shape is always bound to get noticed by dinner guests.

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Our preferred method for freezing sauce is actually flat in a zip-top baggie (for easy storing!) and this wacky-looking tool is the secret to making it all happen without making a mess.

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Small appliances are technically kitchen gadgets, right? We couldn’t write up this list and leave the Vitaclay off it. One of our contributors, Heather McClees, wrote a controversial post about why she sold her Instant Pot (two of them, actually) and why this appliance is even better. If you missed it, you should definitely go back and give it a read!

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Speaking of the Instant Pot, the company launched a blender that’s meant to give the Vitamix a run for its money. It also has a high-powered motor and makes hot soup — and it’s a fraction of the cost. We’ll have a super-detailed comparison coming up soon, but here’s a spoiler in the mean time: Kelli Foster, our Associate Food Editor, says she likes it better than her Vitamix. Good news for anyone who’s been coveting a Vitamix but not willing to splurge!

What are some of the best gadgets you bought in 2018? Tell us about them in the comments below!