Here’s What 10 of the Most Popular Kitchen Brands Do Best

updated May 1, 2019
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You don’t need us to tell you that there are a ton of companies that make kitchen gadgets. Just take one stroll through Bed Bath & Beyond or a digital walk through Amazon and the sheer number of brands and products is just overwhelming.

To help you make sense of it all, we’ve created this list of 10 of the most-popular kitchen gadget brands and highlighted what each of the companies do best. Of course, it wasn’t easy — there are plenty of things to love from each brand. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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What to Buy: Storage Containers
It doesn’t get much more iconic than these airtight containers. They’re so satisfying to use: The button on the lid literally pops up and down when you push it. They stack up neatly and come in a variety of sizes. While we’re highlighting these containers, OXO really does a great job with everything they make.

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Joesph Joseph

What to buy: Nesting Bowls
Joseph Joseph makes a few different nesting bowl sets and each one is as smart and sleekly designed as the last. This one is our favorite and features nine pieces (a colander, a stainless steel mesh sieve, five measuring cups, and more), which all stack together for compact storage. We also love the brand’s drawer organizer and trash can.

Buy: Nest 9 Plus, $35

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Kuhn Rikon

What to buy: Peelers
Plenty of other brands sell peelers for way more money, but these are really all you need — and you get three for less than 10 bucks! Don’t be fooled by the no-frills design: These peelers are sturdy enough for any peeling or zoodle-ing task. In fact, these peelers are so good, they’re what many culinary schools include in the kits for new students.

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What to buy: Garlic Tools
Leave it to Chef’n to create a toy-like garlic chopper. You simply put a few cloves into the top chamber, close it up, and zoom it around your counter. The blades rotate and do all the chopping for you. And the whole thing is dishwasher-safe.

Buy: Garlic Zoom XL, $18

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What to buy: Ice Cube Trays
Widely credited for starting this whole fancy-ice-in-cocktails trend, Tovolo is known for its King Cube Ice Trays. The silicone trays each create six, two-inch square ice cubes, which melt slower than standard ice.

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What to buy: Plastic Cutting Boards
The cutting board section of Dexas’ website has more than 20 options. There are boards that look like pieces of fruit, rectangular options that are designed to look like real marble, some with built-in strainers for over the sink, and more.

Our pick: Watermelon Cutting Board, $22

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Full Circle Home

What to buy: Dish Towels
These are our Editor-in-Chief’s favorite dish towels. “Unlike other dish cloths I’ve had, these don’t get raggedy and tattered after a few months’ use,” Faith says.

Buy: Dish Towel Set, $7 for three

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What to buy: Measuring Spoons
Not all measuring spoons are created equal (you’d be surprised to learn how many are totally inaccurate!). Not only do these measure the correct amounts (silly that we have to point that out!), but they’re also narrow enough to fit into most spice jars and they’re magnetic, so they clip together for storage.

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What to buy: Popsicle Molds
We’ve written about these Popsicle molds before and Faith is still totally obsessed with them: “They’re easy to fill up and they lie flat in the freezer,” she says. There are tons of different shapes, too.

Buy: Stackable Ice Pop Molds, $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond

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What to buy: Pizza Scissors
We’re big fans of using scissors to cut pizza (instead of a round pizza wheel that can pull the cheese) and these were designed for just that. The bottom blade even has a nonstick nylon shield to protect your pizza stone or tray.

Buy: Pizza Scissors, $30

Is there anything else you swear by from these brands? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!