The Best Keurig Machines for Quick and Easy Coffee at Home

updated Jan 23, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Coffee snobs love to hate on Keurig machines. And while we agree with people who argue against the waste (get reusable pods!), we legitimately like these machines. They’re all incredibly self-explanatory to use, easy to clean, and produce a totally fine cup of coffee. There are a lot of these machines, though. Keurig makes at least a dozen (plus bundles and special colors) and other companies make K-Cup machines, too. So what’s best? We did some research to see which machines other experts recommend, and then we threw our own two cents in at the end. Here goes.

The Best Keurig Machine, According to Wirecutter

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, $79

Technically, Wirecutter doesn’t really recommend Keurig machines. (The editors say that the machines brew expensive, sub-par coffee, break too often, are too wasteful, and don’t really save that much time. For other single-serve machines, they recommend Nespresso, which brews better-tasting coffee.) But. BUT! They recognize that the machines do appeal to some people, so they did did a mini test and landed on the K-Classic as the top pick. They said it was easier to use than the K-Mini and the K-Select (the only other machine they tested) had some durability issues.

The Best Keurig Machine, According to The Spruce Eats

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker, $149 at Walmart

This brushed gold machine is a total looker, but that’s not the only reason the editors at The Spruce like it. Their highlights include the fact that it makes drinks in five different sizes, has a “strong brew” button, and a setting for iced coffee, and the reservoir holds a whopping 75 ounces.

Best Keurig K-Cup Brewer, According to Consumer Reports

Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Brewer SS-10, $96
The best Keurig K-Cup brewer isn’t made by Keurig, Consumer Reports says. They picked this machine because it’s convenient, brews coffee in five different sizes, has incredible temperature consistency, and has lots of helpful features (think: auto-shutoff, a built-in water filter, and programming options).

The Bestselling Keurig Machine on Amazon

Not only is the K-Classic the bestselling Keurig on Amazon, it’s also the bestselling single-serve brewer on the whole site. It has more than 7,200 five-star reviews and satisfied customers love the price point, the convenience, the removable 48-ounce water tank, and the fact that it brews three sizes of drinks (6, 8, and 10 ounces).

Kitchn’s Thoughts on the Best Keurig Machine

First of all, we get that Keurig machines and K-Cups aren’t for everyone. But if you want the convenience and opt for reusable pods, then we say, “Great! Go for it!” We’re also going to throw a little wrench in everyone’s plans and recommend the new Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker, which has a 60-ounce water reservoir and makes single drinks (in 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces) or an entire pot of coffee (6, 8, 10, or 12 cups). Why? Because we’d rather see you have some options. Even if you only drink one cup of coffee a day, what happens if you have a dinner party or some guests? It’s nice to have one machine that can handle service for one or many. And this machine has a few bonus features: For one, it comes with a thermal carafe (which keeps coffee warm for up to two hours); the water tank is multi-positional, which means it can be used on the side or the back of the machine, depending on what’s better for you; and it can easily fill a travel mug.