8 Jar Openers That Make Opening the Lids of Your Favorite Foods a Piece of Cake

published Jan 25, 2024
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Someone straightening cans in kitchen pantry.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I’m always on the lookout for anything that can simplify my life in the kitchen. Whether it’s a nifty vegetable chopper, a convenient food wrap dispenser, or any other clever kitchen tool, I’m game. Convenience is my top priority, making jar openers a real lifesaver (and sparing me from shouting for help to open my pasta sauce). To be frank, my hands aren’t the strongest, so achieving a smooth jar-opening experience without any help is a rare victory for me. But it’s not just about me — jar openers prove valuable for those dealing with arthritis, wrist, and joint pain or weakness, too. The reason is simple: They handle the hard work, sparing you the need to exert all your strength on a stubborn plastic or glass jar! If the mere thought of struggling with a jar makes your hands go limp, fear not — we’ve curated a list of the best manual and electric jar openers from trusted brands to enhance your kitchen experience. 

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This Twisting Jar Opener tackles lids of all sizes, from small bottles to stubborn jar lids, so you don’t have to put in a ton of effort. To make it work, simply place its non-slip base pad on a flat surface, position the opener on the jar lid, and turn it counterclockwise — its sharp teeth handle the rest.

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Thanks to its V-shaped design, this under-cabinet opener handles lids and caps of any size and material – from water bottles to mason jars and twist-off condiments. Heck, it’s even versatile enough for nail polish bottles or wide jars of marshmallow fluff! Its peel-and-stick adhesive, reinforced with three screws, keeps it steady under your cabinet.

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Williams Sonoma

Open a range of jars with this versatile opener from Kuhn Rikon. All it takes is a tightening of its knob and a push of its lever to remove smooth-sided or grooved lids. Crafted with a strong stainless-steel lever, gripping teeth, and an ABS plastic housing, this nine-inch opener is as durable as it comes (and it’s dishwasher-safe!).

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Designed to open jars of four different sizes, this opener ensures no food container is off limits. Its ergonomic silicone handle not only guarantees a steady grip, but looks great, too!

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Simplify jar opening with this one-hand, no-strain operation. Powered electrically, the Black and Decker opener secures your jar on its turntable, grips its lid, and with a push of the power button, effortlessly twists it free — like magic! Suitable for metal or plastic lids, this opener can accommodate multiple jar sizes. Plus, it’s collapsible and even features a built-in power cord.

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Simplify your jar opening process to a straightforward twist with this jar opener, which comes with a base pad. Its non-slip base makes sure your jar remains steady on the counter. To use it, simply position the opener over the jar, slide it over the lid, and twist it counterclockwise until it’s open. Easy peasy.

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The Westmark jar opener is your go-to solution for stubborn lids and screwtops. Made of chrome-plated steel, its durable cap lifter effortlessly releases vacuum seals without damaging cans. This miracle tool is made to last and is even dishwasher-safe!

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Experience the ultimate convenience with this electric jar opener — a true "set it and forget it" solution. Simply place it on the lid, press a button, and witness its effortless magic. This hands-free opener boasts a blade-free design, too, ensuring your safety as it tackles jar-opening tasks.