Yes, You Can Grow Fruit Trees in Your Living Room — Here’s Where to Buy Them

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Potted olive tree in a living room
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Fun fact: You absolutely can grow fruit trees indoors, and it’s not even that hard! Whether you’ve perfected the indoor herb garden and want to expand beyond basil or Animal Crossing has you curious about your virtual green thumb’s impact on your real one, dwarf-sized fruit trees can thrive in even the tiniest apartment. As long as you’ve got a sunny corner and some patience, you can enjoy tiny bananas, lemons, berries, and more right off the branch (no trips to the farm needed!). Plus, how great will it be to brag about your “harvest”? Most of these fruit trees are delivered to you pre-potted, partially grown, and ready to yield fruit in just a few months. Here’s where to shop for the eight best fruit trees you can grow indoors!

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1. Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon trees thrive on hours of direct sunlight and frequent watering schedules. Plus, your plant is shipped to you already pre-potted, partially grown, and ready to bear fruit. But you’ll want to wait until they’re ripe — the lemons should be the color of egg yolks before you pick any to make that delicious Meyer lemon cheesecake.

Buy: Meyer Lemon Tree, $64 from Amazon

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2. Olive Tree Sapling

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to grow an olive tree indoors. Besides a constant supply of yummy olives for tapenades and salads, the plant will also make your home smell like your favorite Mediterranean holiday. Food52 ships the olive tree sapling in a sweet jute wrapper, and once it arrives, you’ll simply have to repot it. Like most citrus plants, your olive plant also requires frequent watering and at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

Buy: Olive Tree Sapling, $65 from Food52

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3. AvoSeedo Avocado Tree Growing Kit

This smartly designed device makes it ridiculously easy to transform your pit into a thriving avocado plant. Simply pop your pit into the avocado-shaped holder, and float your boat on top of some water. In about 3-6 weeks, your pit will start to sprout. And, sure, it’ll be some time before you see the proverbial fruits of your labor, but with its cute design and near-immediate sprouting, the AvoSeedo is the perfect summer project for kids (or adults).

Buy: AvoSeedo Avocado Tree Growing Kit, $12 from Amazon

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4. Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry Plant

Intensely sweet and similar to blackberries, mulberries are a favorite with humans and birds alike (so you’ll want to keep this plant off your balcony). Your starter mulberry plant will ship out in a four-inch pot that’ll fit right on your windowsill. If you decide to repot your new plant, you’ll want to pick a planter with lots of drainage, as mulberries like infrequent, but deep, watering. That, and at least six hours of sunlight a day, and you’ll be in, ahem, berry good shape in no time!

Buy: Dwarf Everbearing Mulberry Plant, $11 from Amazon

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5. Dwarf Banana Plant

Even if you don’t live in a hot, tropical climate, you can still — successfully — grow your own banana plant, like this little one, which arrives in a four-inch pot. The banana plant needs a little more care than other fruit plants, as it grows very quickly in the right conditions and needs frequent repotting. Just be careful not to place your new plant in direct sunlight, as the sharp rays can scorch the tender leaves. Ideally, southern exposure and frequent watering work best! And within three to five years, you’ll be plucking tiny bananas in your very own living room.

Buy: Dwarf Banana Plant, $10 from Amazon

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6. Brown Turkey Fig Plants

A versatile fruit that goes well with both savory and sweet dishes, ripe figs are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For $18, you’ll receive two little trees in four-inch pots that should ideally be repotted in larger planters with adequate drainage, since figs don’t like to be moved too often. When it comes to caring for your fig plants, simply water them once a week and place them in a warm spot, and you’ll be ready to make a holiday figgy pudding in no time.

Buy: Brown Turkey Fig Plants (Set of 2), $18 from Amazon

7. Dwarf Moorpark Apricot Tree

Apricots are surprisingly well-suited to grow indoors, but they’re not exactly windowsill plants. An apricot tree can grow up to 20 feet tall in an orchard, but regular pruning will keep it apartment-sized so you won’t be living in a veritable apricot treehouse in a few years. The Moorpark variety yields sweet apricots as large as peaches, and needs a good balance of shade and sunlight with regular watering.

Buy: Dwarf Moorpark Apricot Tree, $41 from Home Depot

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8. Small Calamondin Orange Tree

Cultivated as a hybrid of the kumquat and mandarin orange, the calamondin orange tree yields tiny oranges that are sour to the taste but have an incredibly sweet peel, making them ideal for jams, jellies, and those deliciously tart summer cocktails. While the tree can withstand some cold temperatures, as a tropical plant, it obviously prefers warmth — so you’ll want to make sure it’s near a sunny window (or even outside, if you’ve got a balcony). It does take a few years for the plant to yield fruit, but soon you’ll have pretty flowers to enjoy that smell simply ah-mazing.

Buy: Small Calamondin Orange Tree, $25 from Home Depot