9 Hidden Trash Cans That’ll Help Keep Mess Out of Sight (and Out of Mind)

published Feb 16, 2024
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If there’s one thing trash can be, it’s unsightly. From clunky bins that are anything but stylish (and typically monstrous in size) to overflowing messes that make your space just feel chaotic, seeing this mess on the daily can truly be a drag. The solution? A hidden trash can. Now, when you think of a hidden trash can, you probably immediately think of the pull-out cabinet variety. While this is the most popular style of hidden trash can, it’s far from the only one. From collapsible designs perfect for small spaces to options that mimic the look of a piece of furniture or a chic piece of storage, there are plenty of ways to hide away your messes. Below, we rounded up nine of our favorite hidden trash cans that’ll help keep mess out of sight (and out of mind.)

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Simple and easy to install, the Beinline Single Pull Out Trash Can is exactly what you think of when you think of a "hidden trash can". Complete with a front storage basket to hold garbage bags and more, this trash can attaches to the base of your cabinet for an easy-to-maneuver trash can that can quickly be hidden from view with a light push.

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A fun take on the hidden trash can is this OLD CAPTAIN Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet. At first glance, you might think it's a chic, compact storage cabinet. However, a quick pull of the handle reveals a tilt-out trash can. To say this piece can easily blend into most spaces is an understatement. Plus, we love the extra storage on top!

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A personal favorite, this trash can completely changed the way I store my trash. With absolutely no floor space for a traditional trash can in my space, I knew I wanted a hanging one and this HUAPPNIO pick ticked all the boxes. Chic and complete with bag storage, it's also collapsible, allowing me to compress it when not in use — you wouldn't even know it's there. A dream!

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West Elm

I bet if you saw the Brabantia Bo Touch Trash Can in the wild, you wouldn't think it was a trash can. With sleek modern styling that makes it look like a chic piece of storage, this trash can is one that can be hidden in plain sight. It comes in six colors and features a soft touch lid that works silently with the lightest touch.

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If you're a little hesitant to give up that under-cabinet storage space, you might want to consider the Brabantia Sort & Go Built-in Cupboard Trash Cans. Featuring two small trash cans, this set attaches to the interior wall of your cabinet, laying against the door for easy access and less space lost.

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A classic pick, many of us are familiar with the Rev-A-Shelf Double Pull Out Trash Cans. The track of these hidden trash cans is mounted to the base of your cabinetry so all that's left for you to do is place your cans (available in multiple color options) and push away for trash cans that are quickly out of sight.

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Love that furniture-like look but need something with a bit more room? Check out this Double Tilt-Out Cabinet Trash Can. From the outside, it looks like a chic storage cabinet with eye-catching farmhouse styling. On the inside, you'll find two storage areas that make keeping your regular trash and recycling hidden easier than ever, plus two extra storage drawers.

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Another under-cabinet find, this top-mount version leaves your trash bins suspended inside your cabinet, making it a breeze to clean up any unfortunate messes below and easier to take out come trash day. With multiple styles and size options to choose from, you can rest assured you'll find one that fits your cabinetry.

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For those who are looking for something incredibly space-conscious and inconspicuous, the Cubek trash can may be exactly what you're looking for. This 2-in-1 unit cuts the occupied space of a trash can and recycling bin in half by stacking one on top of the other. The modern design, however, makes it look like a chic storage cabinet. Oh, and it also comes in a host of colors and a bigger size option if you have room to space.