The Best New Groceries to Buy This Year If You’re Trying to Eat Better 

updated Jan 2, 2020
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Credit: Chobani, Lola Snacks, Silk

Some of the predicted top food trends for 2020 include gut-healthy products, more plant-based options, and foods made with less sugar and simpler ingredients. Healthier snacking is also going to be huge this year. All of this is to say that you clearly can’t be the only one looking to eat better. Want to get in on these and some of the other health-minded food trends? I just scoped out the aisles at my local grocery stores to find some of the best new products. From ready-made meals to breakfast foods to on-the-go snacks, there’s a little something on this list for everyone!

Credit: Heather McClees

1. Chobani Low-Fat Yogurt Sour Cream Alternative, $3.50 for 14 ounces

With 75% less fat than sour cream, this low-fat yogurt also contains probiotics (because it’s yogurt!). Chobani even puts the stuff in a handy squeezable tube for simple servings and easier portion control.

Credit: Heather McClees

2. Emerald Cashews and Almonds with Dried Pineapple, $3.49 for 7 packs

You’re going to see a lot of nut-centric snack packs in 2020, and with good reason: Nuts are a great source of healthy fats, plant-based protein, vitamins, and minerals. This year, though, they’ll get an upgrade with interesting spices, flavors, and fruits. I’m loving this new option, which is made with real pineapple, almonds, and cashews. And each pack is just 100 calories.

Credit: Heather McClees

3. Good Foods Avocado Salsa, $4.50 for 12 ounces 

Good Foods has been creating plant-based dips and guacamole products for a while now, but their newest product is one to really get excited about. It’s avocado and salsa — combined! You no longer have to choose between two of everyone’s favorite dips, and you’ll also save money! Use it as a dip, spread, or just eat it with a spoon.

Credit: Heather McClees

4. Healthy Choice Power Bowls, $4.50

More and more plant-based meals are going to be showing up in the freezer section this year, as more people look to eat less meat. These new Power Bowls by Healthy Choice contain nearly 50% less sodium than most frozen meals, are made with wholesome ingredients, and come in a variety of options that provide plant-based protein and fiber. Try the Cauliflower Curry flavor for a zesty weeknight meal that’s sure to satisfy.

Credit: Heather McClees

5. Kashi Berry Bliss Waffles, $4 for 6

Kashi’s new superfood waffles are one of the best breakfast foods to hit the frozen food aisle in recent months. The Berry Bliss flavor is made with ancient grains (including quinoa!), is gluten-free, has no artificial ingredients, and is made with real berries. This flavor even sneaks in beets! These heart-healthy waffles are a great source of fiber and provide plant-based protein while containing less sugar than other popular brands of waffles.

Credit: Heather McClees

6. LOLA Probiotic Protein Bars, $6 for 5 bars

Protein bars can come with super-weird ingredients, but that’s not the case with these. They’re like a granola bar and protein bar in one and are made with REAL foods and probiotics! They’re full of fiber, are vegan and plant-based, and are gluten-free and low in added sugar.

Credit: Heather McClees

7. Off the Eaten Path Chickpea Veggie Crisps, $4 for a 6.25-ounce bag

Think of these tasty, crunchy snacks as updated rice cakes. They’re made with whole-grain rice and feature plant-based protein from chickpeas, and they have a delicious crunch with just enough salt to keep them from being bland. The Chickpea Veggie Crisps are one of the brand’s latest offerings, but it’s worth giving all the flavors a try.

Credit: Heather McClees

8. Silk Oat Yeah Oat Milk, $3.50 for 64 ounces

Oat milk has been taking off in popularity, and even Silk is on it now. This brand is lower in fat and sugar than many other brands and still has that delicious, creamy flavor. In addition to the original, vanilla, and chocolate flavors, Silk also recently released a new unsweetened version. Honestly, try them all!

Credit: Heather McClees

9. Kite Hill Unsweetened Almond Milk Ranch Dip, $3.50 for 8 ounces

Kite Hill makes some of the most well-loved almond milk yogurts, and their latest line of dips (made with almond milk!) is another hit. Keep their new ranch dip on hand for a cholesterol-free, heart-healthy choice that contains fewer ingredients and preservatives than traditional ranch dips. This stuff contains no artificial ingredients, is non-GMO, and is suitable for vegans.

What are you buying to start 2020 off on the right foot? Tell us in the comments below.