Best Healthy Comfort Foods? Ideas Wanted!

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With fall weather comes snackish feelings and an urge towards afternoon tea. We’ve been in the exceedingly civilized habit of bringing a tea tray up to the office almost every day with a big pot of tea, milk and sugar, and a snack.

The only problem is that as the weather cools off we have a tendency to overeat, and fresh fruits and vegetables are slipping out of season. We’re interested in your ideas for the best healthful, seasonal, and nutritious fall comfort food.

We love rich, heavy foods in the fall and lots of baked goods like muffins, cookies and tea cakes. We think that almost everything is healthy in moderation; we really don’t like to class things into “good” and “bad” foods. And yet we are trying to keep it light, natural, and fairly sugar-free, especially during the work week, and to avoid desserts for a little while (until the threshold of the holidays, anyway).

Cold and crunchy foods aren’t that appealing – what are some warm, cozy comfort foods (and snacks) for fall that are also fairly light and healthy?

We have a few we’re thinking about, but we’d really like suggestions as well.

New possibilities
The photo above is from Wendy of Wendolonia, and we are intrigued by a couple of the recipes she made for her bento box. A couple seem especially good for afternoon tea.

Quinoa Muffins – From Martha Stewart.
Home Made Granola Bars

What are your favorite light and natural fall comfort foods?

(Image: Flickr member Wendy Copley licensed for use under Creative Commons)