8 Snacks You’ll Want to Buy on Repeat at H Mart — They’re All $6 or Less

published Feb 15, 2022
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H Mart, Asian food, Korean Grocery Store in Portland
Credit: Shutterstock/ARTYOORAN

The fabulousness of Asian grocer H Mart lies in its breadth of products. You can shop for live seafood, select pristine cuts of beef and pork, and choose between a massive selection of instant ramen, kimchi, and dried seaweed. Of course, the snack options are equally impressive.

While H Mart started 40 years ago in the United States as a Korean grocer, today its specialty snacks also include its Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese neighbors. The variety can be daunting: How do you decide which of the 10 kinds of differently shaped and flavored potato snacks to go with? Do you pick the tubular french fry ones (and if so, crinkle or straight cut?) or the classic rounded ones (thick or thin?)?

Credit: Laura Yee

Half the fun is experimenting, sure. Still, no one wants to spend $4 or more for a snack they don’t love. So I visited my local H Mart to get you started with some good bets. Here are eight of my favorite salty, savory, spicy, and somewhat sweet snacks I regularly stock in my pantry.

Credit: Laura Yee

1. Calbee Seaweed & Salt Potato Chips, $3.99 for 7 ounces

If you love thin, crispy potato chips, you’ll fall hard for these seaweed-speckled chips. The savoriness of the seaweed makes them way better than regular potato chips.

Credit: Laura Yee

2. O!Tube Sweet Chilli Flavored Potato Snacks, $3.99 for 4.06 ounces

Many Korean snacks present sweet tones that might be unexpected to snackers looking for a salty treat. This one is perfectly balanced — just a tad sweet, with a bit of tang and a slight trail of heat. The airy crunchiness is a fan favorite for a reason.

Credit: Laura Yee

3. Baby Star Wide Ramen Snack Artificial Tonkotsu Flavor,  $1.99 for 2.47 ounces

The packaging for these Taiwanese wavy strips is adorable, and their snack-ability factor ranks high too. They indeed taste like ramen, but you won’t break a tooth crunching them. Their flavor is mild and very likable.

Credit: Laura Yee

4. Calbee Shrimp Chips Baked, $3.99 for 8 ounces

Of all the snacks I’ve tried, these light and crunchy, hollow stick shrimp chips pack the most pronounced crustacean flavor with the fewest ingredients. You can smell the shrimp as soon as you open the bag, which is packed with chips, not air (like some other brands).

Credit: HMart

5. Haitai Peanuts Crunch Snack Matdongsan, $3.99 for 10.58 ounces

Is it a savory crisp or a crunchy cookie? Does it matter? Fried, sugar-lacquered, and studded with crushed peanuts, this beloved Korean snack is, indeed, sweet and oh-so tasty.

Credit: Laura Yee

6. Paldo Tofu Kimchi Snack, $1.99 for 2.12 ounces

A classic bar snack of tofu and kimchi is transformed into a puffed spicy treat. It packs the heat and fermented flavor of the cabbage side dish but it quickly dissipates — a plus if your heat tolerance sits on the lower end of the heat index. 

Credit: HMart

7. Kasugai Roasted Nuts Assortment, $2.99 for 2.22 ounces

Umami-packed, this assortment of roasted peas, peanuts, and broad beans is a delight for snackers who want a crunch. No handful is ever the same.

Credit: Laura Yee

8. Mush Garden Shiitake Mushroom Chips, $5.99 for 3.17 ounces

This savory snack is vegan, non GMO, and the only ingredients are shiitake, maltose, and sustainable palm oil. Inside, you’ll find whole, dried mushrooms with a slight sweetness reminiscent of animal crackers and the umami of the aforementioned mushroom.

What’s your favorite snack to get at H Mart? Tell us about it in the comments.