12 H Mart Freezer Finds I’m Stocking up on Right Now

published Oct 9, 2022
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Exterior of H Mart
Credit: Irene Yoo

H Mart is my go-to Asian grocery store. I’ll often make the drive out to Flushing on a free day to spend the afternoon perusing the aisles, loading up on banchan, and picking out my favorite snacks. Now that the temperatures are dropping, I find myself leaning towards cozy snacks and decadent bites.

The freezer section at H Mart is nothing short of impressive, and it’s the perfect place for stocking up on all these goodies. The selection of dumplings, fish cakes, and ice cream is enough to make your head spin. And it seems like every time I go, there’s some cool new snack I just gotta try (air fryers really changed the game for frozen foods). 

 These are my favorites from my recent trip, on the first crisp Saturday of fall.

Credit: Irene Yoo

1. Pulmuone Mozzarella Cheese Topokki, $4.99 for 14.1 ounces

Topokki (also romanized as ddukbokki or tteokbokki) is one of the most popular Korean street-food snacks, and this delightful spin on the classic bunsik dish features mozzarella- and Gouda-stuffed rice cakes. The frozen meal kit includes sauce and vegetable topping packets, but I like to stir-fry the cheesy sticks in butter instead for an extra layer of crispy savoriness.

Credit: Irene Yoo

2. Chungwoorim Frozen Dumpling Skins, $4.49 for 350g

As the days grow shorter and the air gets chilly, I get the urge to hunker down and make dumplings. These dumpling wrappers are extra large, making them easier to fold and more satisfying to eat. They also make for fantastic empanada wrappers, as they fry up a beautiful, crispy golden-brown.

Credit: Irene Yoo

3. Surasang Sanuki Udon, $7.99 for 1 kg

I always have this frozen udon on hand for a quick and easy meal. The noodles are perfectly toothsome and cook up in a flash. Drop them into your favorite broth or toss them into a vegetable stir-fry.

Credit: Irene Yoo

4. Lotte Frozen Crispy Crunch Hot Dogs, $9.49 for 5

H Mart’s selection of air fryer-ready snacks is vast, and I’m partial to these cheesy potato hot dogs, similar to the potato-crusted hot dogs you can find in Korea’s street snack alleys. They’re perfect for all ages — and perfectly Instagrammable, right in your own home.

Credit: Irene Yoo

5. CJ Tongtong Sausage, $7.49 for 8 ounces

Vienna sausages are super popular in Asian dishes — you’ll see them pop up in budae jjigae, stir-fries, and fried rice. This brand of cocktail weenies is my favorite because they’re made with Berkshire pork, so they’re super flavorful with the perfect snap. 

Credit: Irene Yoo

6. Three Meals a Day Xi’an Famous Zhu’s Recipe Pork Buns, $3.99 for 6

Pork buns are a can’t-miss in the freezer section. These make for a quick and filling breakfast, easily prepared via steamer or microwave (just wrap a damp paper towel around them before nuking).

Credit: Irene Yoo

7. Three Meals a Day Steamed Milk Buns, $2.99 for 4

If you’ve ever wondered how to create the pork belly baos you get at your favorite Asian restaurant, here’s how! These steamed milk buns are easy to make — just steam or microwave, slice open, and stuff with your choice of soy sauce glazed pork, pickled cucumbers, or veggies.

Credit: Irene Yoo

8. Choripdongi Assorted Fried Fish Balls, $4.49 for 1.1 pounds

There’s a wide range of fish cakes and fish balls at H Mart, and these assorted fish balls are a standout for me. I reach for them whenever I make eomuk tang (fish cake soup) or laksa (spicy noodle soup). My friend also swears by them; they’re the only things her kid will eat!

Credit: Irene Yoo

9. Bibigo Steamed Soup Dumplings, $9.99 for 24 ounces

Whenever she hears that I’m going to H Mart, my mom will recommend Bibigo dumplings. That’s a high recommendation because I know she’s tried so many. These steamed dumplings are more juicy than soupy, but they’re jam-packed with flavor. You’ll finish the whole bag before you know it.

Credit: Irene Yoo

10. Lotte Melon Ice Bars, $6.49 for 8

Of course, you can’t skip the ice cream section when visiting the freezer aisle! Most Asians have a long love affair with the melon ice bar, so if you haven’t tried it, now is the time. They’re a gorgeous sage green color and the soft ice cream melts in your mouth. After one bite you’ll totally get what the hype is about.

Credit: Irene Yoo

11. Haitai Tank Boy, $7.99 for 21.10 fluid ounces

I grew up eating this pear-flavored ice pop as a kid, and I’m still delighted whenever I encounter it. It’s a way-upgraded take on your standard freeze pop — creamy, icy, and bursting with Asian pear flavor.

Credit: Irene Yoo

12. Lotte Pepero Peanut Ice Bar, $6.99 for 6

This ice cream is a newer find for me, but I couldn’t resist trying it, as I grew up eating Pepero (similar to Pocky). Soft vanilla ice cream is dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts to mimic the chocolate- and nut-dipped cookie sticks. I like that these ice bars are on the smaller side, making them the perfect three-bite dessert.

What H Mart freezer finds are you adding to your cart this fall? Tell us in the comments.