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5 Groceries Our Editor-in-Chief Recommends for Beating the Winter Blahs

published Jan 5, 2023
Table spread of Target's G&G brand with beef & jalapeño mini empanadas, creamy tomato basil soup and queso blanco
Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Food Stylist: Brett Regot; Prop Stylist: Stephanie Yeh

January is the month when winter really starts to settle in. All those snowy days and cold nights call for serious comfort: the creamy, cheesy, hearty kind. “January days are short, cold, and gray. There’s nothing better at the end of them than a comforting meal,” says Kitchn’s Editor-in-Chief Faith Durand. “The warmer, cozier, ooier, and gooier, the better!”

When the forecast calls for just that, Faith turns to Target’s grocery line, Good & Gather. With mouthwatering recipes and high-quality ingredients, Good & Gather makes rich and nourishing meals easier. Here are five items Faith is buying on repeat this month.

Credit: Target

1. Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

For snow days and cold nights, tomato soup is just required eating. (We don’t make the rules.) “My kids’ absolute favorite dinner is grilled cheese with tomato soup,” Faith says. “This creamy soup is a favorite in our house.”

Credit: Target

2. Queso Blanco

It doesn’t need to be Taco Tuesday to break out this party-in-a-jar. “On super cold days, my kids request a queso board,” Faith says. “We heat up this gooey cheese and dip everything in it, from chips to veggies to pretzels.” The mild spice blend is flavorful and kid-friendly.

Credit: Target

3. Vegan Ranch & Avocado with Corn Flaxseed Chips Salad Kit

OK, sometimes we’re just craving salad, even in the dead of winter. This one is hearty and nutritious — and deliciously dairy-free! “This kit has everything I like in a salad: good greens, lots of veggies, creamy dressing, and a little something crunchy on top,” Faith says.

Credit: Target

4. Frozen Beef & Jalapeño Corn Mini Empanadas

For a snack, lunch, or light dinner, these savory pockets hit the spot with just the right amount of spice. “This is one of my favorite two-bite appetizers,” Faith says. “These empanadas are hearty, filling, and delicious.”

Credit: Target

5. Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Ravioli

More cheese, please! A bowl of this classic ravioli is perfect for a snuggly dinner-and-a-movie on the couch. “Some winter evenings, you just need a little taste of a sunny summer day,” Faith says. Bonus: The basil adds a kiss of freshness.