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5 Groceries Our Editor-in-Chief Recommends for Instant Comfort

updated Oct 5, 2022
Table spread of Target's G&G brand with chicken and cheese quesadilla cones, ramen broth, alfredo sauce and mushroom & truffle flavored oil pizza
Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Food Stylist: Brett Regot; Prop Stylist: Stephanie Yeh

Comfort food will never go out of style — but that doesn’t mean we can’t jazz it up a little. October at Kitchn is an ode to modern comfort food, as we put a fresh spin on classics that never fail to satisfy. From gray days to rainy nights, now is the time for food that feels like a hug.

“As the weather changes, the meals we make change with it,” says Kitchn Editor-in-Chief Faith Durand. “They become warmer, cozier, and more comforting.” Faith’s grocery list changes, too: She stocks up on satisfying Good & Gather staples at Target. Packed with high-quality ingredients and big flavors, they’re a shortcut to comfort any time of day. Here are the five items she’s loving right now.

Credit: Target

1. Frozen Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla Cones

Where have quesadilla cones been all our lives? “I call these the appetizer before the appetizer,” Faith says. I heat them up and snack on them while preparing the rest of the meal.” Melty, cheesy, and just plain fun to eat, kids (and kids at heart) will go nuts when you serve these up.

Credit: Target

2. Thin Crust Mushroom & Truffle Oil Frozen Pizza

With rich umami flavor and a shatteringly satisfying crunch, this frozen pizza will definitely be mistaken for homemade. “My family is very intro truffle-flavored everything right now,” Faith says. “And this pizza might be the thing that finally gets my kids to like eating mushrooms!”

3. Alfredo Sauce

Packed with Parmesan and Romano cheese — aka pasta’s best friends — this creamy sauce is ready for your next carb craving. “This Alfredo sauce is comfort in a jar,” Faith says. “I love it in pasta, as a base for a creamy soup, and even as a dip.”

Credit: Target

4. Ramen Soup Starter Chicken Broth

Reach for this savory elixir — seasoned with ginger, tamari, and mushrooms — when the temps start to dip. “This is such an easy dinner on a chilly night,” Faith says. “All I have to do is add noodles, veggies, and chicken.”

Credit: Target

5. Frozen Cheesy Cauliflower Risotto

“Risotto without the stirring? A revelation!” Faith says of this convenient spin on the slow-cooked classic. “It’s just the right amount of decadent.” That’s thanks to a luscious three-cheese and herb sauce. Plus, this risotto plays nicely with any protein you have on hand.