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5 Grocery Items Our Editor-in-Chief Is Buying on Repeat During Block Party Month

updated Jun 16, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Christopher Simpson; Props: Stephanie Yeh; Food: Brett Regot

June is Block Party Month on Kitchn! There’s something so classic yet so refreshing about the idea of a block party: the sun, the community, the snacks — especially the snacks. Friendly and relaxed, block parties represent everything we love about summer gatherings.

“When we were considering our editorial theme for June, the time of first summer vacations, Juneteenth, and our annual Grilling Week, ‘block party’ was the phrase that seemed to tie all those good times together,” says Kitchn’s editor-in-chief Faith Durand. “June is the month to kick back, ditch school, and enjoy time outside with friends.”

We’re excited to bring back the neighborhood bashes of our youth — and to do it without spending all day in the kitchen. We asked Faith to share a block party shopping list that’s big on flavor and short on prep. And because her recommendations are all Good & Gather — the high-quality grocery line available exclusively at Target — you can pick them up along with the rest of your block-party essentials, like sunscreen, coolers, and sidewalk chalk. Because what’s a block party without hopscotch?

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1. Frozen Parmesan Pastry Wrapped Mini Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

“I love frozen apps that go from freezer to table in a few minutes,” Faith says. “These little everything-salt-sprinkled hot dogs are just a tiny bit fancy, but not so fancy that they won’t get snatched up instantly. I use the air fryer to get them ready fast.” Which is also the speed at which they’ll disappear.

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2. Signature Wood-Fired Tomato & Arugula Frozen Pizza

“I love grilling a frozen pizza and then chopping it into tiny squares for an easy appetizer,” Faith says. The combo of tomato and arugula feels special, but still simple enough to feed a crowd.

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3. Everything Seasoned Cashews

Every party needs nibbles: small not-quite-apps you can grab by the handful. We also think every party needs everything flavor: This addictive combo of seasonings is a food trend that isn’t going anywhere. These savory cashews fit the bill beautifully — but beware of cravings. “My household is obsessed with these and I’m not alone: They’re a big favorite for many Kitchn editors.”

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4. Parmesan Garlic Kettle Chips

When we call these crunchy, salty chips irresistible, it’s no exaggeration. “These savory Parm chips are such a treat on a backyard BBQ table,” Faith says. “Served with cool ranch dip, they just have a little extra something-something.” Better get extra bags.

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5. Yuzu Mandarin Sparkling Water

This crisp, citrusy sipper is made for a hot summer day. “My family is all about the ‘fizzies,’ as we call sparkling water,” Faith says. “This refreshing flavor is one of my favorites to serve ice-cold from the cooler.” It’ll be a hit with kids and adults alike.