The 8 Best Kinds of Groceries to Buy at T.J.Maxx

updated May 1, 2019
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Nobody gets fired up about T.J.Maxx quite like I do. I mean, when was the last time you scheduled your weekend around hitting your local store? Or sought out a TJX — or three — when traveling just to see how different the inventory is compared to the store you usually go to? (Fun fact: T.J.Maxx stores in Florida actually offer a 10 percent senior discount on EVERYTHING on Mondays. Forget Disney World — next vacay, grab a grandparent and get your shop on in the Sunshine State.)

I’ve had my fair share of true Maxxinista moments to warrant my obsession with this chain. But you know what I never actually expected to love at the Maxx? Their groceries.

Slowly but surely, TJX stores have built up a nice selection of jarred sauces, oils, candy, popcorn, coffee, and more. (And some of the brands are the same as what Whole Foods stocks, obviously for a lot less money.) So, from the mouth of a tried-and-true TJX shopper, here’s what groceries are worth buying.

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For me, grocery shopping at TJX started with needing a mid-shopping snack and noticing they had plantain chips — my favorite. So I grabbed a bag, and while the Trader Joe’s (the other TJ!) crunchy plantains truly have my heart, I’d totally buy these in a pinch. The Maxx also stocks popcorn (that trendy Lesser Evil brand is a common find), Popcorners, chips, alternative jerkies, and nut mixes. You can find these guys on shelves in the home and kitchen section of stores and also hanging near the cash registers.

On a related note, there’s always a pretty long line in the NYC-area stores, so I’ve definitely fallen for some of these impulse buys while I waited. At least I’m sure that pack of Bare Apple Chips, were at least a dollar cheaper than they are at Whole Foods.

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Still using your Keurig? Then this is the place to go gangbusters stocking up on k-cups. You’ll find all of your favorite flavors, including Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, and Dunkin’ Donuts varieties. Auto-order from Amazon is probably cheaper, but if you don’t like to commit to that kind of thing and are close to running out, you can grab a box while you also shop for a cute dress for your cousin’s wedding.

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Dried Pasta and Sauces

Truthfully, I’ve never heard of most of the pasta brands stocked here, but who cares? It’s hard to mess up a noodle! There’s great variety and tons of niche items — tri-color angel hair, organic farfalle, chickpea pasta for the carb-loathing crowd, etc. Plus, there are some organic tomato sauces stocked on the same shelving unit or close by on a table. There’s your one-stop, grab-and-go dinner, which means more time for bargain hunting!

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Candy and Cookies

I’ve got a sweet tooth, and T.J.Maxx doesn’t disappoint in that department either. Name a type or kind of chocolate, and they probably have it. That includes unicorn bark. Because why not? Stores also stock things like flavored marshmallows, bagged hard candies, cookies, biscotti, and even baklava. On a recent visit, I was shocked to find Gem Gem Ginger Candy as well. It just looks like something Anthropolgie would sell around the holidays for, like, $12 a bag.

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Healthy Stuff

Wellness is such a huge trend these days, it’s no wonder TJX is getting in on the game, offering everything from vegan protein powders and coconut water to keto creamer and supplements. If there’s a fancy new diet du jour (Whole 30, Paleo, etc.), I’m sure you can find compliant snacks and ingredients here. Most of the healthy goods are usually on tables near the activewear section. So you can get a new yoga mat and your charcoal detox drink.

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Oils and Spreads

Is that a Stonewall Kitchen jam, I spy? Don’t discount the Maxx for all of the accoutrements you might want for your next cheese board — minus the cheese, of course. But you can get the board itself two aisles over! There are also lots of fun flavored oils for dipping bread into and dressing salads, too.

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Specialty Ingredients

True story — you can get things like pink Himalayan salt, cacao powder, organic agave nectar, and coconut sugar at TJX. And I’m convinced that all of the prices will be better than your local health or specialty food store. You can also find spices here, too, but nothing really rare from what I can tell.

Soda and Water

Stay hydrated with 20-ounce bottles of water, soda, and other Coke products. They’re typically in refrigerators at the front of the store near the cash registers and are around a dollar a pop, so there’s no reason to shop thirsty. I did forget to take a photo on my last trip there, but you know what bottled water looks like!

What groceries do you buy at the Maxx?