I Tried 10 Different Granolas and This Is the One I’m Putting on My Yogurt from Now On

updated Jan 29, 2020
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One morning, a few summers ago, I stopped to buy a bag of granola on my way to work. I figured I’d keep a bag at my desk, then bring yogurt each morning to eat with the granola for breakfast. Well, thanks to my habit of stress eating and the fact that it was way too easy to reach down into my desk drawer, I, umm, ate the entire bag that day. And while I definitely don’t recommend doing this, it wasn’t the fact that I ate at least six servings of granola that caused me to be upset with myself. No, it was the fact that the granola wasn’t even good. 

I’ve since switched to a different food for breakfast — I’m strictly an oatmeal-for-breakfast kind of girl now — but I figured there was probably a granola brand out there that was actually good enough to justify eating the entire bag in a day.

Credit: Kendall Wenaas

Typically when I try a bunch of different brands of the same food at the same time, there are some obvious winners and some obvious losers. That was not the case with granola. All the kinds that I tried were at least kind of good. I also understand that not all granolas on the shelf aspire to be mixed with yogurt. But to me, that’s the point of granola. The winner was super easy to stir into my yogurt (if you’re looking for a granola that you could eat with your hands, look elsewhere) and had great, not-too-sweet, not-too-strong flavor, kind of like the granola you’d make yourself if you had time.

And that winner is…

Credit: Kendall Wenaas

The Winner: Kellogg’s Special K Touch of Honey Granola

This one surprised me. When I think Special K, I think cereal, not granola. I did some research and realized that Kellogg’s pretty much has a monopoly on breakfast, so it now makes perfect sense to me that they’d also make awesome granola.

Here’s what I loved about Kellogg’s Special K Touch of Honey Granola: It tastes and feels and looks like a granola you could make at home yourself. Other brands were too sweet or too flavorful or too crunchy or too chunky (some brands had chunks that had to be broken with a spoon in order to fit in my mouth), but the Special K pieces were sized just right, and there really was just a touch of honey — meaning, the granola was sweet but not too sweet.

Buy: Kellogg’s Special K Touch of Honey Granola, $3.50 for 11.3 ounces

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that I tried all of these granolas on a Saturday morning, and then munched on my favorites throughout the following week. Five days later when I was finally writing this story, a few of the granolas had a bit of a weird aftertaste. Meanwhile, the Special K might as well have come out of the oven that day.

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