The 3 Goya Products Kitchn Editors Couldn’t Cook Without

updated May 1, 2019
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You may have noticed by now, there are a few food companies we wholeheartedly trust. Annie’s comes to mind, so does Amy’s. And so does Goya. In fact, we love Goya so much, we’ve been thinking about dedicating an entire month to all sorts of Goya-themed stories. (Before you ask, no, that wouldn’t be sponsored and neither is this post.)

We haven’t committed to that just yet (but let us know in the comments if you want us to!), so in the meantime, we wanted to take a minute to talk about the three Goya products that Kitchn editors simply couldn’t cook without.

1. Chickpeas, $1.50 for 15.5 ounces at Target

Associate Food Editor Meghan Splawn has gone on record saying these are the only chickpeas she’ll use for hummus (read: Why I Only Use This Brand of Canned Chickpeas for Hummus). Other staffers agree. Associate Food Editor Kelli Foster says this: “For starters, the texture is everything I want from canned chickpeas — they’re toothsome and creamy, without being mushy or clumped together. They also get big points in my book for balanced flavor, and being nicely seasoned without tasting salty.”

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

2. Black Beans, $1.50 for 15.5 ounces at Target

“My best friend is Cuban and she taught me how to make the best rice and beans in existence,” says Staff Writer, Lauren Masur. “She uses Goya, so now I do too. She cooks them with green peppers, onion, and spices. The hardest part is waiting for them to get creamy and perfect — especially because they smell so good while they cook.”

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Out of all the other tomato pastes out there on the shelves, this is the one we love for sheer flavor. It’s bold, peppery, and slightly sweet. We love that it comes in a can (versus those tubes) — just freeze leftovers in dollops or an ice cube tray to use later.

Fun fact: Two of these three products made it onto our Kitchen 100 list of essential groceries. The black beans would have made the cut if we had a black bean category.

What else? Anything we left off this list? Add your favorite Goya products below!