6 Good & Gather Groceries I’m Constantly Picking Up When I’m at Target

published Sep 10, 2022
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Whenever I make a Target run, I try to stay focused, really I do. I make a list — tissues, a broom, laundry detergent — but inevitably, I find myself at the checkout with those things (hopefully), plus a half dozen bits and bobs that caught my eye while I was making my way through the store.

But whether it’s on your list or not, Target’s grocery line, Good & Gather, is a worthy distraction in the grocery section. I’m talking about soup starters, frozen produce, and four-cheese ravioli I buy multiples of every time I shop. Here are the six Good & Gather goodies worth adding to your cart.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

1. Pho Soup Starter Beef-Flavored Broth, $1.99 for 32 ounces

Good pho is plentiful where I live in Richmond, Virginia, but this starter broth, with its hints of charred onion, ginger, and star anise, makes a strong case for DIY pho night. Just add cooked rice vermicelli and sliced eye of round to the bowl and set up a plate full of garnishes like bean sprouts, sliced jalapeños, basil, cilantro, sambal, and hoisin, and dinner is ready!

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

2. Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, $3.19 for 12 ounces

Yes, it’s easy enough to whisk up a simple vinaigrette, but why dirty a whisk when this fig balsamic vinaigrette is already there for you? This sweet, tangy dressing brings intrigue to many salad combos, but I especially like it on a kale and sharp cheddar salad or on a combo of arugula salad with walnuts and blue cheese.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

3. Burrata, Lemon Zest & Herb Ravioli, $4.99 for 9 ounces

These striped ravioli are one of the few foods my entire family can agree on, so I always buy a couple packs at a time. With the creamy four-cheese filling, a hint of basil, and a lemony zing, they’re perfect with red sauce or just a little butter and fresh herbs. And the leftovers, should you have them, work great in a lunch box the next day.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

4. Raspberry Hibiscus Sparkling Water, $3.29 for 8 (12-ounce) cans

Refreshing and bubbly, Good & Gather’s naturally-flavored, unsweetened Raspberry Hibiscus Sparkling Water never lasts long in my fridge because it’s such a lovely treat. Happy hour tip: I like to mix it with vodka and lime for a quick, fruity cocktail.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

5. Tomato, Garlic & Calabrian Chile Spread, $4.99 for 6.35 ounces

This spread is reminiscent of a Calabrian pesto that I love for its bold, fiery flavor. A little goes a long way thanks to the bright burst of chiles and garlic. The 6-ounce jar lasts for weeks in the fridge, during which time I swirl it into pasta, and spread it on bread with cheese and fried eggplant for a tartine that’s perfect for a work-from-home lunch.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

6. Organic Mango Chunks, $4.29 for 10 ounces

We are a smoothie family, and now that we’re back in school, we’re leaning on smoothies a couple mornings a week to get everyone fed and out the door on time. These organic mango chunks are perfect for blending with yogurt, banana, and honey.

What Good & Gather groceries are you constantly picking up at Target? Tell us in the comments below.