The Very Best Glasses for Cocktails, Beer, Wine, and Beyond

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Credit: The Original Teku Glass

Fact: An adult beverage tastes better when it’s in just the right glass. (We’d say we don’t know why, but a lot of it actually has to do with science! The way bubbles in a beer flow and how wine breathes, for example.) So whether it’s recommending a proper wine glass, Moscow Mule mug, or portable canteen for keeping picnic cocktails cold, the experts behind Kitchn Essentials, Bar Edition have got you (and your drinks) covered.

Here are our top 10 vessel picks, based on whatever you happen to be drinking.

Beer Glass: Rastal Teku Tulip

Multiple pros nominated this hybrid beer glass, declaring it a must. Even the homeliest pils is classed up in a stemmed beer glass, and the triangle shape plus bump at the lip is all the better to deliver flavor.

Buy: Rastal Teku Tulip, $57.93 for six

Credit: Ikea

Rocks Glass: IKEA Frasera

It’s IKEA for the win with this shockingly affordable rocks glass. “This beauty is right for the price,” says cocktail expert Josh Gandee. “And if you live with people who are prone to breaking dishes, then you’ll have no problem stocking up. The knobby exterior also makes it easier to hang onto the glass during, say, scary parts of movies.”

Buy: Frasera, $2.99 each at IKEA

Credit: Cocktail Kingdom

Highball Glass: Buswell Collins Glass

This glass will likely get used a lot, so why not get something with a subtle upgrade? Jordan Hughes (aka the High-Proof Preacher) appreciates this simple tall glass for its eye-catching silver rim. And we like that it’s technically designed for commercial use, so we know we can count on it to stand up to 2020-level usage at home.

Buy: Buswell Collins Glass, $24.99 for six at Cocktail Kingdom

Credit: Courtesy of Cocktail Kingdom

Copper Mug: Moscow Mule Mug

If you’re gonna make a Moscow Mule, don’t you want to drink it out of something that makes sense? This version is an authentic repro of the OG from 1946, complete with that cute kicking mule, and it’s 100 percent copper (not just coated).

Buy: Moscow Mule Mug, $15.99

Credit: Libbey Glass Inc.

Coupe Glass: Libbey Speakeasy

There’s just something oh-so sophisticated about sipping bubbly from a coupe (although of course you can imbibe plenty else with them!). And “these are cute, sturdy, and not too expensive for a set,” freelance food and drinks writer, Tammie Teclemariam says.

Buy: Libbey Speakeasy, $25.97 for four

Credit: Schott Zwiesel

Traditional Wine Glass: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Wine Goblets

Does anyone really need or want a special glass for every possible wine? No. For an all-purpose glass, “You can’t beat Schott Zwiesel when it comes to a price-to-quality ratio,” wine consultant Diane McMartin says, giving it points for a nice, big bowl and fairly short stem so it’s not too top-heavy or fragile. (There’s enough that’s fragile right now — the least we can have is a sturdy wine glass!)

Buy: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Wine Goblets, $59.99 for six at Bed Bath & Beyond

Credit: Duralex USA

Stemless Wine Glass: Duralex Picardie

Prefer a stemless glass? Channel some French bistro vibes when you pour your house wine — or a special one, why not? — into this classic tumbler. Its pluses rack up: stackable, dishwasher-safe, and tough enough for your rowdiest night (or day, we’re not judging).

Buy: Duralex Picardie, $25 for six at Sur la Table


Outdoor Wine Glass: Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cup

Who knows what next spring/summer will look like. If backyard drinking is still preferred over bar drinking, allow us to suggest these gorgeous insulated wine glasses. Warning: Socially distanced visitors are going to want to steal these from you.

Buy: Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cup, $29.95 at Rifle Paper Co.

Credit: Contigo

Walktail Glass: Contigo Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle

For your neighborhood stroll, beverage in hand, you’re not looking for a glass that screams, “Hi, I’m drinking booze!” This kids’ bottle is sized right for drinks, keeps your cocktail cold around the block and beyond, and its handle lets you pay attention to other things like walking the dog.

Buy: Contigo Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle, $15.29 at Target

Credit: Courtesy of Norlan

Snifter: Norlan Whiskey Glass

If you’re at this level of whiskey geekdom, you will appreciate every detail of this upgrade to the traditional snifter. “The Norlan glass is double-walled to prevent your fingers from warming the spirit,” Jordan says. “And it’s further designed to better capture the aromas and flavors of the spirit.”

Buy: Norlan Whiskey Glass, $48 for two at Huckberry

Credit: Photo: Andria Lo; Prop Styling: Anna Raben