Our Favorite Garlic Gadgets to Make Peeling, Slicing, and Mincing So Much Easier

updated Jul 20, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Hello, fellow garlic-lovers! Because this meme (below) is all of us, we figured we should take a minute to talk about some of the best garlic tools that help us load up our dishes each and every night. Here are the best tools to help you peel, mince, and slice garlic. And we’ve even got one super-smart cheat for you at the end.

Credit: Amazon

1. OXO Good Grips Garlic Press

This is the bestselling garlic press on all of Amazon (although the site is currently sold out) and it’s our favorite garlic press here at Kitchn. We love the soft, cushy handles and how easy it is to load and squeeze. We’ve also found that it squeezes out so many pieces, whereas lots of other presses leave too much behind in the chamber. And we find it easy to clean: Just swing the handles around and use the red bumps to push stuck-on pieces through the grates, give the whole thing a rinse, and put it in the dishwasher.

Buy: OXO Good Grips Garlic Press, $17 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Chef’n GarlicZoom and Peeler Set

If you have little kids who like to help in the kitchen, please allow us to suggest the GarlicZoom from Chef’n. You load up the chamber with peeled cloves and run the Zoom around your countertop like a toy car — the interior blades will chop up cloves as you play. This one also comes with a peeler to help you get the papers off before loading up the chamber.

Buy: Chef’n GarlicZoom and Peeler Set, $8 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Credit: Crate & Barrel

4. Chef’n Garlic Cone

Speaking of removing those pesky papers! This silicone roller makes quick work of the otherwise time-consuming task. Toss the cloves in and roll the cone around on your counter — the papers will slip right off. We like this one over other options out there because one of the ends is closed up so you don’t have to worry about runaway cloves. And yes, you can totally use the two-bowl trick to peel garlic, but this is a lot less bulky.

Buy: Chef’n Garlic Cone, $7 at Crate & Barrel

Credit: Williams Sonoma

5. Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

This fun-to-use tool crushes garlic into uniform pieces and then, when you’re done, you can rub your hands with the stainless steel handles to help get rid of any lingering garlic smells on your fingers.

Buy: Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker, $15 at Williams Sonoma

Credit: Amazon

6. Microplane Garlic Grater

We use a Classic Microplane a lot to grate garlic right into a pot, but this is even better if you need to grate a few cloves at once. Just drop the cloves into the box on top, then slide it back and forth to create small uniform pieces, which get collected in the chamber at the bottom.

Buy: Microplane Black Garlic Grater, $13

Credit: Joe Lingeman

7. Dorot Frozen Crushed Garlic Cubes

Don’t want to worry about keeping fresh garlic on hand? Or deal with taking the papers off? Or having to mince your own garlic? These frozen crushed cubes don’t really count as a garlic tool, but they are the best substitute for fresh garlic. Just keep them in your freezer and pop out one cube for every clove that’s called for in a recipe.

Buy: Dorot Frozen Crushed Garlic Cubes, $3 for 16

What are some of the garlic tools you rely on? Tell us in the comments below.