The 6 Best Gadgets for Keeping Your Coffee Hotter, Longer — According to Our Professional Gear Tester

updated May 14, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

I can’t drink cold coffee. If it’s iced coffee, cold brew, or an iced latte — that’s fine. I’ll happily have any of those. But if it’s hot coffee that’s meant to be had hot and has cooled down, I cannot and will not drink it.

My mom’s the same way — so if it’s possible to inherit coffee habits, this one definitely got passed down. And because I hate wasting things (I especially hate wasting coffee — it’s expensive!), I’ve done a lot of research and shopping, investing in gear that’ll keep my coffee hot for as long as possible — or at least long enough for me to finish a whole cup, which, admittedly, I sip very slowly. Here are six of my favorite gadgets that actually do keep a cup of coffee hot … for a decently long amount of time.

1. Ember Mug

I think this mug was designed for me (and people like me!). It comes with a charging pad and pairs with a phone app. You set your desired coffee temperature on the app and, once your coffee cools down to this temp, you’ll get a notification on your phone and the mug will hold the brew at that set temp. Off its charging pad, the Ember Mug will keep coffee hot for about 90 minutes (it can go all day, however, if it’s on its charging pad). It also comes in fun colors, like rose gold and copper.

2. Ember Travel Mug

If you’re always taking coffee on the go, consider investing in Ember’s travel mug. Like the above model, it’s controlled by an app, but it comes with a leakproof lid, has a larger capacity, and can keep coffee hot for up to 3 hours on a single charge (or, again, all day on its charging pad).

3. Zojirushi Travel Mug

This is one of my all-time favorite travel mugs. It keeps coffee (and other drinks!) hot for as long as you want. Seriously, I’ve burnt my tongue many a time with the Zojirushi — hours after filling it up. When I use it, I often let coffee cool down a bit before pouring it into the Zojirushi. I like the stainless steel model, which has a stainless steel (versus nonstick) interior, is available in 16- or 20-ounce sizes, and has a safety lock on its cap that prevents it from accidentally opening.

4. Technivorm Moccamaster

At this point, I sound like a broken record talking about how much I love the Moccamaster. It’s super simple to operate, makes consistently amazing coffee, and has a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours — far longer than models with glass carafes. If you want coffee to stay hot for hours after brewing, investing in one of these guys (or any model with a thermal carafe — check out my top picks here!), is a great idea.

5. Zojirushi Thermal Carafe

If you already have a glass carafe coffee maker you love, consider buying one of these. This model by Zojirushi keeps coffee hot for hours and hours which is perfect, say, if you’re having a brunch or a lazy morning, during which you want to bring your coffee over to the table and keep it piping hot until you’re ready for it.

6. Frank Green Reusable Cups

I’m not one to put form over function, but I do love when something looks great and works well. The reusable cups from Frank Green do exactly that. They’re comfortable to hold and have a push-button lid. They’re also available in three different sizes (6- to 16-ounce) and tons of fun colors. I particularly like how you can customize your mug and choose different colors for the base, cap, and button.

Do you have a favorite gadget for keeping coffee hot? Tell us about it in the comments!