10 Stylish Fruit Bowls That You’ll Actually Want to Show Off in Your Kitchen

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Bowl of fresh fruit with bits of corkscrew.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Fruit is one of the only food groups that can do double duty as decoration. While the rest of your food stays hidden inside your refrigerator, behind your cupboards, and within boxes on your shelves, certain types of fruit can take center stage in your kitchen and brighten up the space with their color and fragrance. During the summer, my show fruits are pineapples, peaches, limes, bananas, and tomatoes (yes, tomatoes are fruits!), along with some occasional guest appearances. Of course, to let your fruit have its moment, it needs a bowl to live in.

The Best Fruit Bowls

Fruit bowls are easy to forget about when you’re outfitting your kitchen, especially if you don’t usually keep much fresh fruit on hand, but they’re a great piece of functional decor. Having the right decorative fruit bowl can also encourage you to eat more fruit, so these countertop accessories are good for you as well. Find inspiration for your kitchen in our favorite fruit bowl picks — whether your style is handmade, ceramic, wooden, glass, or metal, we’ve got one that will match your home’s decor.

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This is one of our favorite fruit bowls because it also functions as a colander. The bowl easily lifts up off the stand and has discreet slots in the bottom so you can rinse off fruit in it — especially handy when you're serving strawberries or grapes — and then serve the fruit in the same container. Read our full review to see what else makes it so great.

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Pottery Barn

For something more luxurious and chic, grab this Pottery Barn fruit bowl made entirely of white marble. While this piece isn't dishwasher-safe, it will certainly make your table look like the scene from an antique still life painting, which is a claim that no other bowls on our list can make.

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Uncommon Goods

This multi-use bamboo fruit bowl is the future of fresh snack storage. Here’s how it works: Underripe fruit hangs out in the glass bowl, ready-to-go food sits on the lid, and bananas get their own hanging spot. It’s also designed to fit beneath kitchen cabinets, so even small kitchens can take advantage of this beauty!

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This artistically crafted aluminum fruit bowl, complete with a contrasting black and copper finish, could easily be a decor item on its own. The the fact that it doubles as a food storage bowl makes it that much more intriguing. It's also rather budget-friendly, so you'll want to scoop this up before it's gone.

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Simple and space-saving, this multilevel fruit bowl stand gives you plenty of room to store all your apples, oranges, and lemons on the bottom and safely keep softer fruits (such as bananas) on top. It comes in two colors and can also be used as a food storage rack inside your cabinets.

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The gorgeous wooden construction and natural-looking edge of this fruit bowl make it a stand out piece — either for holding fruit in your kitchen or displaying knick-knacks in your living room. You can also use it as a serving bowl for salads when you really want to wow your dinner guests with your impeccable decor taste.

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Pottery Barn

If you want a super elegant place to hold all your fruit, get this hammered glass bowl from Pottery Barn. It's both simple and complex and can be used as a serving bowl for when you have a lovely salad or colorful dish that you want to show off to the whole table. Plus, it's safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.

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Pottery Barn

Get high-end style on a budget with this large stoneware fruit bowl that comes in four tasteful colors and will look amazing on your kitchen counter or your dining table. The stoneware is glazed to make sure it lasts a long time in your home, and its finished by hand to give it a distinctly artisanal look.

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West Elm

Both playful and practical, this handcrafted fruit bowl is made in the Bronx and comes in two sizes: small and medium. Your pears, peaches, and plums will certainly look great sitting in this bowl, and when it's empty, it will still look like a work of art — because it is!

10 / 10

This ceramic bowl is made in Turkey and is available in five different color schemes, each one painted by hand to have a uniquely personal touch. You can choose between a range of sizes, and the bowls ship quickly, so you won't wait long to get some new decoration for your kitchen.