The Best Type of Frozen Spinach to Buy

published Jul 24, 2018
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Walk down any freezer aisle and among the ever-growing selection of vegetables you will inevitably find spinach (and other leafy greens like kale and collards, if you’re lucky). Frozen spinach seems like a simple and pretty straightforward item to buy — or so it would seem.

You’re faced with the choice of bagged or boxed spinach, and it is important to point out that (regardless of brand) one of these spinach packages reigns supreme.

A Bag of Frozen Spinach Is Always Better than the Box

Yes, as it turns out, the type of packaging for frozen spinach matters because it ultimately has an impact on what’s inside. The next time you’re stocking your freezer with frozen spinach, reach for a bag of leafy greens and skip over the boxed stuff. While there’s not likely to be a big difference in price, you’ll see that a bag of frozen spinach is far more versatile and easier to use.

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Here’s Why the Bag Is Better

Here’s why the packaging on one of our favorite frozen veggies matters: Unlike the boxed stuff, where greens have a knack for freezing into a solid, icy block, frozen spinach in a bag comes with the huge benefit of staying loose. Small clumps of greens may form, but there’s no large spinach bricks to be found.

This means you can pour out just the amount of spinach you need without having to thaw the entire block. It’s especially helpful if you are cooking for one or two people, or using small amounts of spinach, like for a smoothie, single bowl of soup or grain bowl, or side of greens with your eggs.

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