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The Frozen French Toast That’s (Almost) Better than Homemade

updated Dec 20, 2021
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To me, homemade French toast is the ultimate breakfast luxury. Thick slices of custard-soaked bread are fried in butter until golden, then slathered in more butter and topped with maple syrup. When it’s done right, it’s an ideal way to begin the day. Trouble is, preparing the best-ever French toast takes time that I don’t always have in the mornings — even on the weekends.

After several full (and French toast-less) weekend mornings, I wondered if there was a store-bought option in the frozen food section that could pass for homemade. I made it my mission to taste test every box that I could find. In the end, I found one that stood out from the rest. Here’s my pick for the very best frozen French toast.

Credit: Patty Catalano

Brioche French Toast, $3.49 for 4 slices at Trader Joe’s

There is no doubt that this frozen French toast could absolutely pass for homemade. The superiority of the slice starts with the bread. While other frozen French toast brands pack more slices per package by serving up sandwich-thin slices, the eggy brioche bread from Trader Joe’s French toast is cut 1-inch thick. The bread is soft and soaked through with custard, but not squishy or gummy as others in my taste test. There’s also a hint of sweet vanilla flavoring, which is perfect for pairing with butter and maple syrup or powdered sugar and fresh fruit.

The packaging provides preparation instructions for the oven, microwave, and toaster oven, with prep times ranging from 20 minutes to 55 seconds. Without a toaster oven on hand, I found that a pop-up toaster works just as well and puts French toast on my plate in minutes.

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