The Frozen Foods Kitchn Editors Always Buy at Trader Joe’s

updated May 1, 2019
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We’ve already talked about how all of us are more likely to buy frozen groceries at Trader Joe’s than most other supermarkets (it has to do with the fact that TJ’s stores don’t have doors blocking the freezer case!). We’ve also already acknowledged (again and again) that the amount of groceries at Trader Joe’s can be overwhelming. So, if you’re a freezer-section holdout — or you’re just curious — here are the Trader Joe’s frozen products Kitchn editors always have on hand.

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1. Chicken Gyoza Potstickers

“These taste better than the ones from my local takeout joint and cost less than $3 per bag. I can squeeze three dinners out of one bag, so it’s a no-brainer.”Lauren Masur, Staff Writer

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2. Thai Vegetable Gyoza

“Another gyoza nomination! These are filled with veggies and flavored with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce — so they’re basically potstickers and dipping sauce rolled into one. Plus, you can try different cooking methods, depending on your mood: pan-fry in oil for crispy bottoms, or microwave for a mess-free meal.” Grace Elkus, Senior Food Editor

3. Garlic Naan

“I like that it’s frozen because whenever I buy fresh naan from the grocery store, it’s always in a pack of, like, four — and most of them go stale before I finish the pack. The garlic adds a little special touch and they’re super quick to heat up once the oven is hot enough.” Hillary Halter, Photo Editor

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“I love including açaí into my smoothies, but normally it’s pretty expensive and often packed with sugar. These packets are unsweetened, so you can adjust the sugar to your own taste. And they’re just $4.50 for four 3.52-ounce packets.” Ariel Knutson, News & Culture Editor

5. Hash Brown Patties

“You know the drive-thru hash browns that you loved as a kid? These are those. They’re a breakfast item I can set in the toaster oven and walk away from while we get ready on a weekday, or turn into tartine-like toasts with eggs during the weekend. They bake up super crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with just the right amount of salt.” Meghan Splawn, Associate Food Editor

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6. Chicken & Cheese Tamales

“These are so good. They don’t feel like a sad desk lunch when I have to pull my midday meal from the freezer.” Patty Catalano, Contributor

7. Turkey Corn Dogs

“They’re my daughter’s favorite lunch. They also only have 150 calories each, so you can legitimately have one for a snack.” Christine Gallary, Food Editor-at-Large

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8. Organic Brown Rice

When I’m making a curry in the wintertime and don’t want to dirty another pot, I quickly microwave a bag of this frozen brown rice to serve with it. It’s also great for making super-quick Mexican bowls in the summer! Simply microwave a bag; add a can of drained pinto or black beans; and top with avocado, plain Greek yogurt, hot sauce, and pickled onions (if you have ’em in the fridge).Lauren Kodiak, Managing Editor

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