3 Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches That Are (Almost) Better than Homemade

published Jan 8, 2023
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person holding a cooked Mason Dixie cheddar breakfast sandwich
Credit: Stephanie Ganz

Breakfast is my best friend. It’s not just the most important meal of the day to me — it’s also my absolute favorite meal any time. I love it all — crispy bacon, fluffy biscuits, and eggs in every style you can imagine.

When I take the time to make myself a hot, balanced breakfast, it feels like a gift that keeps me content all day (or at least until lunch). But on busy weekday mornings I don’t always have time to pull out the pots and pans and make something from scratch, and when that’s the case, I turn to my friends in the freezer aisle.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

I set out to find the best frozen breakfast sandwiches on the market, and in the process I learned something about myself: I have big opinions on breakfast sandwiches! And I learned something about breakfast sandwiches: If the package provides instructions for both the conventional oven and the microwave, always go with the oven.

Yes, it takes more time, and yes, the name of the game is convenience here, but if you’ve got a toaster oven that can get up to temp fairly quickly, all you have to do is pop the sandwich in it and go do other things while it bakes. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts, with sandwich textures that edge extremely close to the tastiest breakfast sandwiches you can find in bodegas, drive-thrus, or even your own home.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

How I Tested the Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

I sampled a dozen frozen breakfast sandwiches from 10 different brands, including big brand names and private labels. At first, I stuck to the traditional meat, egg, and cheese formula that epitomizes a breakfast sandwich for me, although I kept the bread options — biscuit, bun, croissant, etc. — open. Unsatisfied with many of the results, I opened the search to include less traditional combos, including flatbreads and waffle sandwiches; and I’m glad I did because one of them surprisingly made the cut. Here are the best of the bunch.

1. Mason Dixie Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich

The bold, graphic packaging drew me in right away, and I was hopeful that it would taste as good as it looked. Luckily, it did. The biscuit is the first thing I loved about this sandwich. The first time I tried Mason Dixie’s breakfast sandwich, I followed the instructions for baking it in the oven, which took just shy of 30 minutes. The cheesy, pillowy biscuit was worth the wait. 

But even after being heated in the microwave for just 90 seconds, the buttermilk biscuit retained its fluffy texture and subtle cheesy flavor (That’s right — the cheese is IN the biscuit.) Weird things can happen to eggs in the microwave, so I was delighted to see that this egg had a pleasantly spongy texture, while the sausage was meaty, juicy, and nicely seasoned with a hint of spice.

2. Trader Joe’s Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwich

The buns have decided to sleep in and let the two fluffy scrambled egg patties do all the work in this breadless egg sandwich from TJ’s, and I, a lover of all breads, didn’t miss a thing. I think this sandwich is actually successful, unlike many of the frozen breakfast sandwiches I tried, because of what it doesn’t try to do. It doesn’t for a minute suggest that it can make a microwaveable bread worth eating. Instead, it focuses on a mildly seasoned turkey sausage patty (so meaty and juicy, I truly didn’t realize it was turkey until I finished mine, so points there!), nicely melted American cheese, and those egg patties — and it executes each element well. 

These come together in about two minutes in the microwave, wrapped in a damp paper towel, making them an excellent, quick option for anyone who wants a protein-filled breakfast sandwich. As I mentioned above, the texture is improved by cooking these in a toaster oven, but the microwave does a pretty good job too.

3. MorningStar Farms Incogmeato Chik’n and Eggo Liège Style Waffle Sandwich

This was the runaway surprise hit of my breakfast sandwich trials. I grew up on Eggo waffles, so I was hopeful that Eggo could rejoin me in my mom years with a satisfying breakfast option, and it has with this chicken-and-waffle sandwich. Unlike the Eggo’s I ate as a child, these are Liège-style waffles, which means they’re slightly thicker and shot through with granules of sugar. This version isn’t quite as crunchy as some Liège waffles I’ve had, but that works in the sandwich’s favor. And the Incognito Chik’n within is well-seasoned and a pretty convincing chicken facsimile that I could happily eat every morning. 

I cooked my waffle sandwich in the oven, which took about 20 minutes and yielded a nicely crisped chik’n patty and fluffy waffles. And because I love a condiment, I dipped my sandwich into spicy maple syrup, which turned out to be an excellent move. When heated in the microwave, which takes 75 seconds (plus a resting time of one minute, per the instructions), the sando is equally as flavorful, although texturally I prefer the oven route. But, like the others, it’s a perfectly fine alternative if you don’t have the luxury of time. 

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