The Best 4-Slice Toasters for Bagels, Bread, and Better Breakfasts

published Oct 6, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

If you’re toasting your favorite bagels in the morning and one side is slightly warm while the other is dark and crunchy, you most likely need to invest in a new toaster. No one wants their favorite breads or pastries ruined — especially if looking forward to them helps you get out of bed in the morning! Speaking from experience, I can’t wait to wake up, toss an everything bagel into the toaster, and start my day on the right foot. Plus, if you have guests staying with you, you’ll want a quality toaster available for them to use, as well. That’s why we’ve selected the best of the best 4-slice toasters to heat up each type of bread or pastry to your liking. Whether you’re in the market for simple or advanced functions, there’s a selection that will surely work for you and anyone else in your household. 

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was $34.99

Don’t skip breakfast because of limited options in the morning. Bagels, specialty breads and even Texas toast will fit and heat up in this toaster built to include even the thickest slices. Made with six adjustable settings, you can either make the bread slightly warm or get it nice and crunchy. It even has a retractable warming rack for your pastries.

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Designed with eight different heating elements and seven browning control settings, you can ensure you’ll get the right crunch/softness ratio after each use. The toaster is available in two shades and a 2-slot option if you don't need all four slots. What’s especially cool is that the brand offers The ZWILLING Culinary World App to download and provide compatible recipes to mix up your cooking routine.

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Williams Sonoma

You’ll never have to forget your favorite toast settings again thanks to the MemorySet feature. Simply input the settings you want and it has the power to save up to eight different preferences. Plus, there’s a dual control option that allows you to toast bread under different settings at the same time. It’s great if you and your partner are in a rush and both need the toaster.

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was $89.99

Why not prepare your next meal with a toaster in a fun, retro design? Compact in make, you can save counter space as well. There are three buttons specified for bagels/muffins, reheating and defrosting so you can tailor your heating needs easily. It also offers seven toast shade settings for the perfect crunch.

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Sur La Table

One of the smartest toasters on the market, it was made with specialized technology that gives the toaster an internal smart chip. It has the ability to lower the bread with a simple touch and heat up the bread evenly with a visible timer, so it takes out any guess work. You can also add time without having to wait for a toasting session to be completed.

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Ultra-sleek and modern in appearance, this toaster gives off the luxe vibe at just under $50. Made with stainless steel and featuring a digital display, it will go with the majority of existing kitchen appliances. It also offers dual control settings, so two different shading preferences can run simultaneously. Note: Wait three seconds between the selection of browning levels, so it’s accurately captured!

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Calling all retro-design lovers: Enjoy design and functionality with this pick sitting on your kitchen cabinet. The slots are wide enough to toast some of your thickest bread slices just the way you like them and can be controlled with specialized browning dials. The toaster is available in two fun shades for an extra statement in the kitchen.

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Easily control the shade of each slice with a dial that can be turned up to five different browning levels. From a thick everything bagel to thin slices of bread, each type will toast evenly each time with this option. Control and manually lift the slices with the built-in levers so they’re not popping out and falling all over the counter or floor.