9 Delightful Food-Themed Puzzles to Bite Into While You’re Hunkered Down at Home

updated Mar 19, 2020
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two people putting a jigsaw puzzle together
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Since we’ll be all spending more time indoors over the next few weeks, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on fun, fulfilling projects you might not otherwise have had time for. That could mean making a comforting casserole, baking the stress away, or taking on a gigantic puzzle all by yourself or with the whole family. While puzzles are an easy escape from screens that otherwise seem to demand our nonstop attention, research also says they’re great tools to reduce stress and anxiety. And let’s be honest, when was the last time you let yourself take the time to work on one? To help you get started, we rounded up nine delightful foodie-friendly puzzles that are great to dig into.

Credit: Food52

1. Hors d’oeuvres Puzzle

From the creative minds at Areaware, this nifty set of three little hors d’oeuvres puzzles is just right for working on post-dinner with a nightcap in hand. 

Buy: Hors d’oeuvres Puzzle, over 70 pieces each, $45

Credit: Amazon

2. Coffee Puzzle

Enjoy a caffeine kick for months (weeks, if you’re really fast) with this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring fancy coffees from around the world. When you’re done, treat yourself to a specialty coffee from one of the recipes included!

Buy: Coffee Puzzle, 1,000 pieces, $19 

Credit: Amazon

3. Citrus Puzzle

This beautiful citrus puzzle will brighten any day. Once finished, frame it, prop it on the kitchen wall, and you’ve got yourself a cheery piece of art for just $12!

Buy: Citrus Puzzle, 750 pieces, $12

Credit: Amazon

4. Candy Wrapper Puzzle

This candy wrapper puzzle is a great option to put together with kids or anyone with a sweet tooth. Also, does that look like the best trick-or-treating haul ever or what?!

Buy: Candy Wrapper Puzzle, 500 pieces, $40

Credit: Amazon

5. Sushi Puzzle

School up on your sushi as you work on this 1000-piece puzzle featuring your favorite rolls. Finishing this one is guaranteed to make you soy happy. Sorry, we had to go there.

Buy: Sushi Puzzle, 1,000 pieces, $20

Credit: Amazon

6. Retro Refreshments Puzzle

Feeling nostalgic? This retro soda puzzle will hit the spot. It features a library of vintage soda cans, some familiar and some you definitely can’t find on shelves any longer. 

Buy: Retro Refreshments Puzzle, 1,000 pieces, $26

Credit: Amazon

7. Breakfast of Champions Puzzle

Also from the nostalgia section, create a massive breakfast of champions with this 1000-piece puzzle featuring all kinds of retro morning goodies. Anyone for a bowl of Sugar Crisp?

Buy: Breakfast of Champions Puzzle, 1,000 pieces, $15

Credit: Amazon

8. Pasta Puzzle

Fact: Carbs are comforting. Get your fill with this 1,000-piece pasta puzzle that also includes puzzle glue in case you’d like to preserve your finished masterpiece for pasta-terity. 

Buy: Pasta Puzzle, 1,000 pieces, $19

Credit: Amazon

9. Rainbow Superfoods Puzzle

Finally, a vibrant superfoods puzzle with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. It’s a hefty 1,500-piece endeavor, so it will keep you busy for a pretty long time!

Buy:Rainbow Superfoods Puzzle, 1,500 pieces, $15