Our Favorite Vacuums for Cleaning Kitchens (Plus, a $15 Mop Several Editors Swear By)

updated Apr 20, 2021
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Someone vacuuming a kitchen rug.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Raise your hand if you’ve never had to deal with flour splattered all over your kitchen floor, broken china pieces that find their way into teeny-tiny corners, or even sticky leftovers from last night’s cooking adventure. A wild guess, but likely zero hands shot up in the air. Kitchen messes are inevitable, and while a broom can help sweep up bigger disasters, for a deeper, more thorough clean, you’ll need a good, quality vacuum.

Not only can a vacuum help you get the job done faster, but depending on the model you choose, it can also target those incredibly hard-to-reach spots (hey, narrow space under cabinets, we’re looking at you). Since there are a ton of options available, buying the perfect vacuum for the kitchen can seem all-too-overwhelming — which is why we asked nine Kitchn staffers to share their favorite vacuums for keeping their kitchens spick and span! From pricey Dysons to budget-friendly handheld Dustbusters to one $15 mop that’s a staple with several editors, these are our favorite picks for cleaning our kitchens.

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"I have a Dyson, which I use for the whole house and deeper cleans, but my Black + Decker Advanced Clean handheld is what I reach for every night! There's so much to love about it: It has a boost setting that has extra suction, the nozzle is extendable and really great for getting around the toe kicks and UNDER the oven, and it's incredibly easy to empty. It also comes with a pet brush attachment, which makes it great for vacuuming under my chair at the dining table where my pup likes to sit." — Lisa Freedman, Lifestyle Director

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"I bought the Dyson V8 Absolute Stick Vacuum last year during a Black Friday sale, and it's been such a game-changer. I have a toddler, which means I only have time to clean in fits and spurts, so that works out well with the Dyson. I can quickly grab it (don't have to worry about any annoying cords) and do a spot vacuum in the room I'm in. The run time is only 40 minutes, so it really is best for these spur-of-the-moment spot cleans. If I do them regularly, I never have the need to spend hours doing a big vacuum!" — Lauren Kodiak, Managing Editor

"For starters, where has this been my entire life? For a full-size vacuum, the V8 Absolute is surprisingly lightweight and easy to use. The design may be slim and sleek, but the incredibly powerful suction picks up everything from hairballs to extra large dust bunnies to tiny specks of dirt to even crumbs and slimy onion skin. It’s so slim that it can clean hard-to-reach areas like those tricky corners under my cabinets and the tight quarters between the wall and refrigerator." — Sholeen Damarwala, Commerce Editor

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"I love using my iRobot vacuum for a little extra clean mid-week! It picks up little chip crumbs and just makes my life easier when you just hit start and let the vacuum do its thing. It's even better when you're in the middle of doing a wipe down in your kitchen, because it feels like you did two cleaning tasks at the same time." — Anita Chomenko, Associate Video Producer

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"I have hardwood floors throughout my house that scratch super, super easily. I use this Miele vacuum for deep cleans and specifically this soft floor head attachment that gets everything up without scratching my floor. This vacuum is incredibly powerful — and that's coming from someone who has a German Shepherd (aka a German SHEDDER). For quick cleans, I'm a fan of a good ol' Swiffer!" — Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, Lifestyle Editor, Tools

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"I love this Dyson vacuum so much (is that weird? maybe!). I bought it a couple years ago now, and while I was initially hesitant about laying down that much cash, I'm happy I did. I love how lightweight it is, all the different attachments it comes with, the charging station, and how it just gets everything off my floors — and yes, that includes all the crumbs in my kitchen. It made a huge difference!" — Arie Knutson, Features Director

“As an apartment dweller with limited storage space, I'm all about multitasking tools. I've had the Dyson V7 stick vacuum for years and love that it can tackle everything from my hardwood floors to the kitchen tiles. It's lightweight and doesn't require plugging in, which is great since my tiny kitchen has limited plugs. The crevice tool is usually my go-to since it can suck up tiny crumbs and prep messes with precision — not to mention anything my toddler tosses onto our dining room floor during mealtime.” — Patty Lee, Executive Editor

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“After I broke my old and bulky hand-me-down handheld vac, I was on the hunt for something small, sleek and powerful enough for my day to day clean-ups. I found my match with the HomeVac H11. It’s light and perfect for crumbs and those hard to reach corners on your kitchen cabinets. It’s super portable and can fit just about anywhere in my apartment. Also, it uses a Micro USB charger (making it easy to replace if you misplace it) and emptying it is a breeze!” — Nina Raja, Senior Producer

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"We're Dyson loyalists, but our older upright Dyson just needed to be replaced and we got a Dyson V11. We are moving in a few weeks and our new home has a built in vacuum system, so we felt like a stick vacuum would be perfect for those little spot jobs around the house, which to be honest with two kids is mostly snack crumbs!" — Meghan Splawn, Food Editor, Skills

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"For my hardwood kitchen floors, I usually just sweep and Swiffer, but for a quick crumb clean-up or to deal with certain spills (looking at you, flour and sugar), I grab my Black + Decker Dustbuster. It's so fun to use that even my 6-year-old son volunteers to help!" — Nina Elder, Executive Food Director

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"I love this Bissell Featherweight stick vacuum. Living in a college apartment, I needed a vacuum that was affordable, compact, and effective — I'll be the first to admit it, our apartment gets pretty messy — and this vacuum fits the bill! With the Crevice Tool, I can reach under the oven and counters and into the nooks and crannies around our fridge. Plus, with its sleek build, it takes up very little of our (very limited) storage space." — Phoebe Sklansky, Commerce Intern