7 of the Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers, According to the Pros

updated Jan 10, 2024
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Let’s talk about kitchen drawers. In my experience, “Out of sight, out of mind” only works for so long. Disorganized drawers aren’t just unsightly (and hard to open) — a messy kitchen drawer also makes your space less efficient and, ultimately, less enjoyable. Think of all those frustrating minutes you’ve spent digging around for a spatula or a pair of scissors: Those are minutes that could have been spent prepping or savoring a meal!

If you, like me, are resolved to keep your drawers in neater shape, the first step might be to invest in the right kitchen products to corral your stuff. What are the “right” products, though? Kitchen drawer organizers! I asked some professional organizers to name-drop some of their favorite picks and rounded up a list of the best drawer organizers that are sure to get your space in tip-top shape. These modular, customizable tools are easy to use and adjust over time to fit your needs.

Here are the seven best suggestions for kitchen drawer organizers, according to the pros.

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Organizer Janelle Azar, owner of A Meaningful Space, swears by these drawer liners for people who want to store their spices in a drawer and prefer to see them lying down rather than standing up. “This is a great way to prevent those jars and bottles from rolling away,” she says. “You can cut the liner to fit any drawer size, so it’s completely customizable.”

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Azar frequently uses this set of six bamboo dividers to organize utensils, dishes, glassware, and even dish towels. “The bamboo elevates the look of the drawer, and because they are spring-loaded, they are super easy to install,” she says.

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Marie Jackson of Organized Marie loves these bamboo drawer dividers. For one thing, the bamboo blends nicely with most drawer interiors, she says. The customizability is the cherry on top: “It has custom inserts to allow you to create your own compartments so small items don’t get lost in the shuffle."

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The Container Store

Jackson says this drawer organizer can hold jars of all sizes and works great because it allows you to see everything at the same time. “It also gives you the flexibility to expand if needed,” she says.

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The Container Store

These drawer dividers come in multiple sizes, which makes customizing your utensil or junk drawer super easy. “They’re also clear and aesthetically appealing, which matters when organizing because you’re more likely to stay organized when you like what you look at,” Jackson says.

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Michelle Hansen, owner of Practical Perfection, loves this expandable utensil organizer, which she says fits pretty much any drawer size. Use it for flatware, knives, small kitchen gadgets — whatever you want to contain in a drawer!

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Another one of Hansen’s go-to drawer organizers is this in-drawer knife block, which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to waste valuable counter space with a traditional block but would rather not get nicked grabbing knives from a drawer. On top of its functionality, this bamboo piece is also super pretty. “It matches plenty of other organizers and creates a cohesive look for the kitchen,” Hansen says.

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