These Are the Best Dish Towels Money Can Buy, According to Amazon Shoppers

updated Mar 31, 2020
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Woman Drying Dishes With Towel
Credit: Leah Flores/Stocksy

One major thing I’ve come to realize while being stuck inside the past few weeks is just how many dishes pile up when you’re eat every single meal at home. Has anyone else been experiencing Dish Washing Overload? When I’m not washing my hands (thoroughly, for 20 seconds), I’m dunking my shriveled, cracked hands into dirty dishwater to get ready for the next meal. And with all this dish washing, comes a lot of dish drying.

Enter: These bestselling dish towels on Amazon. They’re adored for their absorbency, durability, and price. Let’s take a look.

Credit: Amazon

Buy: Utopia Kitchen Towels, $23 for 12

The set comes with six black and six white “Dobby weave” towels, which are highly absorbent and quick drying, thus minimizing that musty aroma that occurs when you’ve waited too long to throw your dish towels in the laundry. These are the bestselling towels on Amazon with more than 4,300 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. Here’s what reviewers have to say:

“These are great quality towels. They dry well, they wash well, and they stand up to normal use … I’d gladly buy more, but there are so many in the pack, I don’t need more (yet). I’ve gotten rid of all my old kitchen towels and now these are the only ones I use!”

“These kitchen towels are made of quality materials and are so thick, they seem like they came from an expensive department store. I’ve ordered these to help cut down on my paper towel consumption.”

“After two months of using and washing just one towel, it remains in incredibly good shape. Even if I threw this away now, I still got two months of use from it, which means that the package would give me two years of service for about the price of three lattes.”

“Once washed and dried, they have come out fluffy feeling. They actually do dry things, as they are meant to. Folded over three times they can also be used to pull hot trays out of the oven without burning your fingers. (Always handy beause I can never find the multiple oven gloves I own when actually needed. But there is always a tea towel around.) All in all, a good buy at a fabulous price.”

Do you have a favorite dish towel?