The Dish Soap Kitchn Editors Are Obsessed With

updated May 1, 2019
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You know how, here at Kitchn, we’re constantly inviting you into our kitchens to talk about all the yummy food we’re cooking, the groceries we’re shopping for, and the gadgets we’re using to death? Well today, we’re inviting you to get elbows deep in the sink with us so that we can talk your ear off about the glorious properties of our favorite DISH SOAP.

I know what you’re probably thinking: You have a favorite dish soap? Why, yes we do and it’s — drumroll, please — Method. (If you’re going to spend a lot of time washing dishes, you might as well have a favorite dish soap to make things interesting, right?)

We’re huge fans of Method because it’s a dish soap that really works and it’s a brand that we feel good about using. Method soaps are made using a non-toxic, plant-based formula, and yet they are still beasts at getting crusty, greasy dishes clean.

The fact that Method has reached the perfect equilibrium of being environmentally friendly while also being an absolute dishwashing workhorse makes them the holy grail of cleaning products. Not to mention, the packaging doesn’t look glaringly hideous on our countertops. In fact, the minimalist design on the tall, sloping pump bottles is pretty sleek.

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This is dorky to admit, but my personal favorite thing about Method is that they sell handy refill pouches, which I can use to replenish the bottle that I already have. Or if you have a dispenser you like (see: The $25 Splurge That Makes My Kitchen a Cleaner and Happier Place), you can just get one of these and decant a pouch into your bottle.

A quick poll of our editors revealed our favorite scent options: clementine, lavender, and lime & sea salt (which is like the margarita of dish soaps). Get a dish soap you like using (and like smelling) and dish duty won’t be that bad. Promise.

Do you have a favorite dish soap? Is it Method? Something else?