What’s the Best Dessert You Ever Ate?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Take a minute to close your eyes. Lean back. Now let your mind flip back through all the dinner parties, fancy restaurants, birthdays, and visits to Grandma’s. Which delicious dessert rises to the top, so good you can still smell it and taste it even after all these years?

Mine is a dessert I had years ago at a fancy restaurant in Portland, Oregon. It might have been clafouti; it might have been a riff on a pot de crème. All I can remember is a silky pudding that tasted of vanilla beans and cream adorned with tart and syrupy cherries. If I hadn’t been in public and at such a nice restaurant, I would have licked the bowl clean.

I’ve tried to recreate the experience of this dessert many times, both when ordering from restaurant menus and back in my own kitchen. Never have I come close. I think that I just have to accept that it was a special dessert at a special time and place, and it will live in my memory forever.

What about you? What was the best dessert you ever ate?