The 5 Best Decluttering Tips We Heard All Year

updated Dec 28, 2020
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One of the side effects of spending so much time at home this year was that we all did organizing projects galore! We pulled out unused items from the dark depths of our cabinets. We weeded out multiples. We tossed stuff that was broken. We deluttered.

If you feel like you still have more decluttering to do (or you didn’t really get as much done as you would have liked), we can help. Throughout all of our efforts, we learned a few key lessons. And we’ve gathered them up here. These are the best decluttering lessons we learned in 2020.

1. There are 11 things everyone should get rid of right now.

Some things are just total no-brainers! Let this advice from a professional organizer help you send your clutter packing. See you later, ketchup packets and containers without matching lids!

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2. A clear garbage bag is best for decluttering.

Instead of using a regular garbage bag, Cassandra Aarssen, of HGTV’s “Hot Mess House,” suggests using a clear one. She says that black bags are anxiety-inducing because they’re usually associated with garbage, and treating your useful belongings as such makes the process feel wrong. Use clear ones and call them “gifting bags” instead.

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3. Counters can be cleared off with just a few three-minute tasks.

Clear counter, happy mind — agreed? If it’s become a dreaded task, you need these five quick fixes that will help you get (and keep) your counters blissfully clear.

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4. Some things just do not belong in the kitchen at all.

Maybe you don’t need more storage space in your kitchen, and you just need to get some stuff out of there that doesn’t belong? (What a concept, right?) We’ll bet you have at least a few of these things stealing space from your kitchen that you can reclaim right now. 

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5. Washi tape can help you see what you can get rid of.

Don’t you love it when something completely painless can help you clear out the stuff you don’t need? This is brilliant. Let colorful little pieces of washi tape help you prove once and for all to yourself what you do — and don’t — actually use!

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Did you come up with any smart decluttering tips this year? Tell us in the comments below.