Savor the Taste of Summer All Year Round With These Countertop and Stovetop Grills

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I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously missing grilling season. But, even though summer is a ways away, there are still ways you can enjoy the flavors of the season. Tabletop griddles and stovetop grills allow you to safely cook indoors and dig into seasonal delights such as grilled corn, hot dogs, burgers and all the best eats summer has to offer — no matter the time of year. And, by no means are you limited to grill variety. Countertop grills can be gas, electric, or charcoal, and most stovetop grills are compatible with all kinds of burners and can be popped into the oven to perfectly finish off that juicy, seared meat. Stovetop and countertop grills are also incredibly compact, so once summer wraps, you can easily stash them away without taking up too much space. Or, if you’re like me, keep them handy, so you can enjoy a backyard cookout on your countertop all year round. Sound like a plan? Check out some of our favorite indoor grills below.

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Williams Sonoma
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Yes, the Skinny Grill is gorgeous (look at all those colors!) and it's also a favorite with Kitchn readers, thanks to Le Creuset's renowned cast-iron construction, which distributes heat evenly and can go from the stovetop to the oven. And, with those raised grill ridges, you’ll get a perfect sear on your filet. Plus, the grill is small, so it can easily slide into a shelf for easy storage.

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was $169.99

The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill is the Swiss Army Knife of appliances! It can grill, dehydrate, roast, bake, and air fry, all while sitting compactly on your countertop. When you grill, its smoke-control system kicks into gear so you won’t smoke out your kitchen while cooking burgers.

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was $169.99

With a 10-inch grilling surface, Staub’s Pure Grill is a perfectly sized pan for cooking meals for two. And, given that it's made from Staub’s high-quality cast iron, you're guaranteed superior results every single time. Yup, no more well-done chicken on one end of the pan and practically raw chicken on the other. Use it on the stovetop, in the oven, or even on an outdoor grill.

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was $34.99

All you need is some counter space and an outlet for the BELLA griddle, and you’ll be able to cook up barbecue favorites like burgers and hot dogs, but also breakfast staples like pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Think of it as an extension of your favorite frying pan — but with less mess! FYI: Reviewers rave that it’s incredibly easy to clean!

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was $400.00

It looks like an ice bucket (reviewers say you can even use it as one!), but it’s actually a tabletop grill that sits inside a sleek porcelain bowl. Thanks to the included wooden trivets, Eva Solo North America’s portable grill is safe enough to use on your countertop or dining table, making it perfect for an end-of-meal s’mores surprise or a Korean BBQ fest.

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With a unique cross-hatch grilling surface, the Smokeless Grill offers that char-grilled taste you thought you could only get outdoors. The LED control panel is easy to use and gives you precise control of the temperature (it can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit). The grill boasts “smoke extraction technology,” which promises to keep smoke out of your kitchen — a miracle for those with ultra-sensitive smoke detectors.

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If you love the ease and versatility of cast iron but balk at the weighty price tag, then check out Martha Stewart’s Grill Pan. It’s got everything you want from an indoor cast-iron grill, including raised ridges for those much-desired grill marks, and high sides to keep grease and marinades from spilling out. It works on the stovetop or in the oven, but take note that hand-washing is recommended.

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Thanks to grill plates that switch out and a lid that opens flat like a magazine, you have multiple options when it comes to using this versatile countertop Griddler. Leave it open and grill sausages on one side and veggies on the other, close the grill to sear some pork chops or swap out the plates and press a Cuban sandwich.

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This may look like a cool, retro suitcase, but with the snap of a strap, Mon Oncle’s perforated case transforms into a tabletop BBQ. The exterior case keeps the outside cool while allowing the coals inside to stay hot. And while you can use regular charcoal with this grill, Mon Oncle recommends coconut shell ecological charcoal instead.

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was $17.99

Perfect for an impromptu BBQ, this disposable grill sets up easily in a few steps, and thanks to the included quick-light charcoal, it doesn’t need lighter fluid to get going. Once it’s lit, the grill offers one hour of cooking before you can toss it. Good news: it’s biodegradable!