The Best Thing I’ve Picked Up at Costco This Year (So Far)

updated Aug 11, 2022
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Costco Wholesale storefront
Credit: Juan Llauro/Shutterstock

As Kitchn’s resident Costco connoisseur, it’s my duty to window shop the warehouse regularly and to fill my cart with whatever catches my eye — no matter how big or small. Now that we’re halfway through 2021 and in-person Costco visits have finally returned to their regularly scheduled programming, I had to share my favorite Costco purchase of the year — so that you don’t have to go another day without it. Ready? The best thing that I have brought home from Costco this year is the SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker.

If you stock up on seltzer cans with every supermarket stop (like I used to), a SodaStream may be exactly what you need. Costco’s SodaStream bundle is a better deal than at other stores that I’ve seen. First, the Fizzi requires no electricity, so it is easy to store anywhere you need a burst of bubbles. And this bundle comes with not one, but two CO2 cartridges and a pair of reusable bottles.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the other things to consider.

  1. There’s less waste. Recycling seltzer cans is a good step, but not buying them in the first place is even better. The Fizzi bundle comes with two reusable bottles, so you will always have one on stand-by.
  2. You’ll save money. It might be more money up front, but you’ll recoup the cost of the SodaStream pretty fast depending on the quantity of soda water you consume. Since each CO2 cylinder makes at least 60 liters of carbonated water, this bubbly bundle is sure to save you money.
  3. You can make your own flavors. The Fizzy makes refreshing sparkling water and there are plenty of options if you are looking for something with more flavor. Freshly squeezed citrus is my favorite way to add flavor, though you can add specially designed drops to make flavored seltzers, sodas, and even kombucha.
  4. It’s small-space friendly. The slender design of the SodaStream takes up much less space than canned seltzer waters. It slides under standard-height cabinets for easy countertop storage, and because this model does not require a plug you can store it anywhere you need a burst of bubbles.
Credit: Patty Catalano

I’ve had my eye on a SodaStream for years before I took the plunge thanks to this Costco bundle. While I was initially worried the appliance would be too gentle or the water would be too flat, it exceeded my expectations. Now I have an endless supply of fizzy refreshments perfect for sipping and making summery spritzers.

What’s the best thing you’ve picked up at Costco this year? Tell us in the comments below.