I Tried 5 Different Kinds of Coffee from Costco and Found a Clear Winner

updated Sep 2, 2021
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I write a lot about my favorite things to buy at Costco. (Just look at all these stories!) One thing I don’t regularly buy from Costco, however? Coffee. While I’m a die-hard java fanatic, even I can’t justify buying beans or grounds in bulk.

That all changed when one of my family members ordered too much coffee to go through himself, and gifted me a few unopened bags. As the lucky recipient, I quickly found myself changing my tune on the whole buying coffee in bulk thing.

Of course, as a single-person household, I needed to narrow the selection down to one winning option that I could reasonably consume, so I decided to hold an official taste test. After trying five different kinds of coffee from Costco, one stood out way above the others. The winner will probably surprise you. I was certainly shocked.

How I Tested the Coffees

I prefer to drink my coffee black and freshly made out of a Cuisinart coffeemaker — with just a teeny touch of sweetener. At first I considered drinking the different options straight up without any sweetener, but I figured the better test would be to try them the way I’d usually drink them. I then ground whole-bean varieties in my burr grinder right before brewing the coffee in my standard coffee maker.

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The Surprise Winner: Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Coffee, Medium Roast

As shocking as it may seem, the original blend from Dunkin’ Donuts was hands down the best coffee I tried (and I even sampled a local brand from my home state!). This packaged brew has an uplifting, just-right medium roast flavor that’s not burnt-tasting, bitter, overly acidic, or weak. It’s smooth and the perfect way to start the day (or boost an afternoon). Not to mention, Costco’s price beats the price of this option at other supermarkets and even Dunkin’s own pricing.

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Mayorga Coffee Roasters Cubano Organic Coffee, Dark Roast (Whole Bean), $37 for two pounds

This brew is organic, produced via wind energy, and smells very fresh right out of the package. It results in a darker roast with slightly more acidity.

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Kona Blend Coffee, Medium Roast (Whole Bean), $12 for two pounds

This Kona Blend was definitely a runner up. Each sip was strong and fruity and totally hit the spot.

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Magnum Exotics Kenya Roast, Dark Roast (Whole Beans), $10 for two pounds

If you like your coffee to taste sharp and fruity, this is the bag for you.

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Charleston Coffee Roasters Signature Blend (Whole Bean), $10 for two pounds

I loved that this coffee from Charleston, South Carolina is produced in my home state. It consistently gets high ratings among locals. This bag made me want to visit their local coffee shop and try a fresh cup of a non-dark roast.

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Do you have a favorite coffee you pick up at Costco? Which brand do you get?