Best Cookies Ever? Give the Dough a Break

(Image credit: Robyn Mackenzie)shutterstock

Do you crave cookies with perfectly crispy edges and soft, chewy middles, whether you’re making oatmeal raisin or mega-dark chocolate chip? The chefs at America’s Test Kitchen say that all we have to do is give our cookie dough a break — as in a 10-minute break. Could it be so easy?

Back when those New York Times chocolate chip cookies were all the rage, it seemed like resting our cookies for 36 hours before baking was the key to deep caramelized flavor and extra-awesome texture. The method definitely worked, but that long resting time doesn’t exactly work well our spontaneous weeknight cookie cravings.

But the chefs at America’s Test Kitchen seem to think that a short 10-minute rest should do the trick. Their idea is to let the sugar slowly dissolve into the liquids before adding the flour or any other ingredients, a process that usually takes as long as coffee break. This dissolved sugar caramelizes more quickly and easily in the heat of the oven, giving cookies a better texture and deeper caramel flavor.

I’m definitely curious to give this a try with my next batch of cookies. Have any of you tried it?

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