Put a Stop to Cheerio Messes All Over Your Car with These Kid-Friendly Snack Containers

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Whether you’re all about snacks or prefer your child eat only three square meals a day, one thing is certain: There will be a day when you will be out and about, unavoidably delayed, with a hangry child on your hands. For those times, having a healthy snack handy is key, because otherwise you might break down and buy them something neon-colored at the nearest gas station.

Keeping those snacks handy and contained is part of the art of being a parent — er, prepared. Here are five of the best on-the-go-containers for kid snacks.

  1. Munchkin Snack Catcher, $13 for two: Not fancy, but they work — and they don’t cost a million dollars, so you won’t shed too many tears when one gets left behind at the park. These containers have two handles to make it easy for little ones to hold them, and soft flaps on the top so kids can pull out a few snacks at a time without spilling. More than 1,700 Amazon reviewers love these things!
  2. Skip Hop Baby Zoo Snack Cup, $7: Similar concept, even cuter design. The lid on this character flips up to reveal the no-spill flexible opening, so tots can get their hands into their snacks without spilling them everywhere, with a convenient, ergonomic handle.
  3. Russbe Reusable Snack Bags, $11 for four: Reusable snack bags have come a long way since the very first ones were introduced a while ago! These washable and reusable snack bags can handle dry or wet foods, and the base pops out so they stand up when your child is snacking, but fold flat when they’re empty. I wouldn’t hand these to a toddler, but for an older kid they’re easy to use for lunch boxes or on the go because they’re so much less bulky than a firm glass or plastic container.
  4. OXO Tot Baby Blocks Food Storage Containers, $10 for four: I originally got these for baby food, but still use them five years later because they’re the perfect size to toss into a purse. I usually stock a couple with nuts or dried fruit and have them in my car’s console, just in case. They seal well and are easy to open even after years of continuous use!
  5. Cheeky Kids Bowl with Lid, $2 at Target: I have a full set of this unicorn dishware (the joy of having two girls!) and this small lidded bowl often comes in handy at breakfast time. We have to get the kids up really early to get them to school on time, and often my youngest is just not hungry enough to eat a full breakfast at 6:45 a.m. So once she’s had a few bites, we pop the lid on and stick it near her backpack, then she usually finishes it as we bike or stroll to school.

Do you have a favorite? Tell us about it — whether or not it’s not on this list!

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