The Best Containers for Storing Your Coffee Beans, According to Coffee Professionals

updated Feb 7, 2024
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Cyd McDowell

If you grind your own coffee beans at home instead of buying them pre-ground in bags, you know how important it is to have the right container to hold the beans while they’re waiting to be brewed into delicious coffee. That is because coffee beans are full of delicious but volatile flavor compounds that are vulnerable to spoiling or disappearing if your beans aren’t properly protected. Air, UV light, and moisture can all ruin your beans before you have the chance to enjoy them, which would be a shame.

That means you’ve gotta keep them safe. How? Well, we decided to take this important question to some coffee pros, who we knew would have some helpful suggestions for keeping your coffee beans fresh. See what we learned from the experts about their favorite storage solutions for the coffee they keep at home — we’re sure you’ll find the perfect tool to protect your morning cups.

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The stainless-steel Miir Coffee Canister is the best bet because it has a compression seal, says Kathy Altamirano, coffee sales manager for Oatly. Altamirano admits she works slowly through her coffee supply, so having a tight seal is essential for extending her beans’ shelf life. With the Miir’s unique accordion-style seal that sits directly on top of the coffee beans, any air inside that might cause the beans to go stale prematurely is pushed outside of the canister as it’s closed.

Erica Chadé Jackson, east regional coordinator for the Specialty Coffee Association’s U.S. chapter, agrees: “I also use the Miir coffee canisters. I roll coffee bags down and store them inside the canister. I like the sleek design and twist-on lid.”

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Brandon Bir, director of education and sustainability for Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, says he loves the popular Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister. “I use the large one, and it holds a retail bag [12 ounces] and locks out oxygen. Also, I like the look. Fellow just crushes the ‘pretty’ game,” Bir says.

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The EVAK line of storage containers combines design with functionality through its two-way, valve-fitted lid. Once you’re done scooping out your beans, simply push the lid down into the glass container to push the air out and protect the flavor for your next cup. “It’s the best coffee container I’ve ever had,” says Chris McAuley, founder of the nonprofit organization Getchusome Gear, which supports marginalized members of the coffee industry with free coffee brewing equipment.

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Hospitality professional Katherine Jetto says, “We’ve been using the same stainless-steel coffee canister from IKEA for, like, 10 years. Every time I’ve considered replacing it, I stop myself and say, ‘Nope, the one we have works great.’ We keep a cute little handmade scoop inside to scoop our beans.” IKEA has several storage options, but the inexpensive EFTERFRÅGAD vacuum canister is top-notch. Although it’s designed to be an on-the-go vessel for hot or cold drinks, its vacuum seal and wide-mouth opening make it perfect for storing coffee beans.

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Driftaway Coffee cofounder and owner Suyog Mody says he’s a big fan of the ceramic Airscape Classic. "It looks neat and holds 8 ounces, 1 pound, or 2.5 pounds, depending on the size you buy," Mody says. Plus, it’s “easy to clean and use!”

Coffee educator Allie Caran seconds that vote. “I love my Airscape!” The models come in a whole rainbow of chic colors, too!