We Finally Found the Best Container for Pantry Items

published Sep 13, 2022
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Credit: Jill Chen/Stocksy

There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing to me than a decanted pantry. Seeing before-and-after photos of crowded shelves filled with crinkled packages being transformed into a uniform, symmetrical storage system makes my heart sing. It’s so organized and pretty — but as anyone who has done it will tell you, it’s also impractical. 

Unless you shop for just yourself, few containers are large enough to hold an entire package’s contents. There is always just a little too much pasta in the bag or a handful of chips that won’t fit in its designated air-tight container, forcing you to have a cabinet that houses all your half-empty bags that couldn’t be decanted. This means you’re accumulating clutter, which defeats the purpose. 

But there is one container that I wholeheartedly endorse, and it’s big enough to fit your bulkiest grocery store purchases: the OXO 6-quart container

You can find this container almost anywhere and it’s roomy enough to store all of your bulk food. From pretzels to rice to chips and anything else in between, it will fit whatever bag you throw at it, banishing your half-empty bags from the cabinet. 

It has a space-efficient design, is dishwasher safe, and creates a clean, uniform line when you get a full shelf’s worth of them. And most importantly — it keeps the air out of the container, meaning you can take your time eating your cereal and crackers without worrying about them going stale.

The only downside to this organizing tool is the price, at around $22 a pop. But if organizing is something you like to invest in because it either gives you peace of mind or fits your aesthetic, then this container is the only one you need for your kitchen. It’s the most efficient one, by far.

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