The $25 Cold Brew Bottle That Totally Fixed My Mornings

updated May 24, 2019
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I am not a morning person. At all. Most people know this about me — including my sister, who has felt my pre-caffeinated wrath on many occasions. As a result, she generously gifted me a cold brew coffee device this past Christmas. The gift has truly been life-changing. Or at least morning-changing!

The gift? The BRUMI bottle, which I religiously use two different ways.

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1. To make cold brew

Before I go to bed, I set up my bottle to make cold brew. There’s a reusable filter that you simply fill with your favorite ground coffee (I love the Cafe du Monde New Orleans coffee with chicory), then you just have to add cold water and let it steep in the fridge overnight. In the morning, a cup of strong, chilled coffee is waiting for me.

I’ve always been a make-at-home cold brew skeptic — it seemed too complicated, required substantial planning ahead, and needed materials I didn’t always have at home (where do you even buy cheesecloth?). Now it takes two minutes to set up, and I just have to remember to do it before I go to bed. In the morning, I pour the brew over ice, add almond milk, and sip it while I get ready for work.

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2. To make pour over coffee

While I enjoy my cold brew, I also use the BRUMI bottle to make piping-hot pour over coffee. I put new grounds in the filter and boil water, which gets slowly poured over the grounds and brews coffee right in the bottle. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

I make sure to leave space for a splash of milk, then I can pop out the filter and take the bottle to go. It comes with a cork sleeve, and the glass bottle is double-walled so my hands won’t start to burn up.

Why the BRUMI Is the Perfect Coffee Contraption

Because I need a minimum of two cups of coffee a day in order to be productive and polite, maximizing the BRUMI by using it both ways sets me on a perfectly caffeinated path each morning. It’s also faster, cheaper, and greener than stopping for coffee every day. And even if I didn’t take my brew to go, the BRUMI is great for making a single cup of coffee at home.

In addition to making truly delicious coffee (it’s so easy to alter the strength of the brew, too!), I love the look of this bottle. It’s totally chic, and my sister chose the Blush Pink color for me … fulfilling my passion for all things “millennial pink.” It’s also a plus that it’s made of BPA-free glass — I’ve been trying to stay away from plastic lately, so this bottle has been perfect. I just have to be careful not to drop it!

Another great thing is how easy this bottle is to clean. You can put the three pieces (the lid, filter, and bottle itself) right into the dishwasher, or just rinse them in the sink. With fewer bits and bobs than an electric coffee pot or French press, and no need to use wasteful K-Cups or paper coffee filters, the BRUMI is a total win in my opinion.

Do you have a similar coffee gadget you swear by? Tell us about it in the comments below!