The Very Best Coffee, Tea, and Beverage Gear You Can Buy for 2021

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Credit: Courtesy of Technivorm

A few weeks ago, we launchedKitchn Essentials. It’s a pretty amazing list of the tools and gadgets we think will help you cook your best in 2021 (you can browse the whole thing here). But it’s not just cooking stuff: It’s also gear for cleaning and organizing, and making those oh-so-important coffee and tea drinks, plus water bottles, and more. Because we want you to stay caffeinated, hydrated, and happy. And because we believe a great cup of coffee can be as important as, say, a chef’s knife..

Here are our favorite coffee makers, travel mugs, corkscrews, and more — for today and for the rest of the year to come.

Note: We’ve indicated which ones are “repeat winners,” meaning they were also chosen as our top picks in last year‘s Kitchn Essentials!

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Drip Coffee Maker
Williams Sonoma

If you love coffee, you deserve the best of the best. And that's this model by Technivorm Moccamaster. It consistently makes amazing Joe, brews quickly, has a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours, and turns on and off with the flick of a button. If you don't want to shell out the big bucks for a Technivorm, this model by Bonavita is less than half the price, still makes great coffee, and also has a thermal carafe.

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Coffee Grinder

You get such bang for your buck with this burr grinder. It has a simple on/off switch, 40 grind settings, and a spacious hopper. If you want great coffee, you need a great grinder. Period.

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French Press
was $50.00

“I already owned one of these when I got another as a gift and I just had to keep it, too," says Features Director, Ariel Knutson. "I use one for tea and one for coffee, although it doesn’t matter if you mix them up. I think they’re functional, easy to use, and super-stylish — I'm obsessed with my copper one."

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Pour Over

The Chemex is a classic design, and a classic way to make very good coffee. It comes in a few different sizes (from a personal size to bigger ones that can serve a group), is incredibly durable, and is a total looker. It's not insulated, but it can be kept warm on the stovetop.

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Gooseneck Kettle

If you're the kind of coffee person who is very serious about pour over, this is the only kettle you should be using. It's got a counterbalanced handle, an easy-to-read thermometer that shows when the water reaches ideal temps, and has a precise pour spout. Also, it's what a lot of baristas use.

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Crate & Barrel

A good teapot should be insulated and have a built-in infuser with plenty of space for tea leaves to move around. This beauty checks both of those boxes — and it has a stopper that twists to keep the tea leaves from over-steeping. We love that you can make a LOT of tea in this and sit around the table with it for hours.

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Travel Mug
was $53.50

There's a travel mug for every taste and budget. But if quality and craftsmanship are what you're after, then there's only one: the Zojirushi. This reasonably priced and stylishly designed container is absolutely spill-proof, keeps drinks *piping* hot for hours on end, is easy to clean, and comes with a five-year warranty.

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Water Bottle

Our editors have fallen hard for Hydro Flask. While the brand makes lots of sizes and top options, get the wide-mouth option (for easy filling and cleaning!) with the straw lid (we find we’re all more likely to actually drink water if we have a straw).

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Water Filter Pitcher

In most cases, any water filter pitcher is going to be better than no water filter pitcher. The filters that work with this pitcher have extensive certifications from the American National Standards Institute and NSF International, which makes us feel good recommending it. Just refill the pitcher after every time you pour from it and you'll always have filtered water ready to go.

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Soda Maker
Bed Bath & Beyond

We love our LaCroix, but there's no doubt that it's cheaper to make your own seltzer. This SodaStream plugs into an outlet and fizzes water with just one touch of a button (it's not just a clever name!). You can even pick from three levels of how bubbly you want your water. If you want a model that doesn't need to be plugged in, go with this one.

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Ask any bartender or waiter to recommend a corkscrew and they'll almost always suggest this one. With a built-in foil cutter and a two-step lever, it's not complicated at all to use — promise.