The Best Coffee Subscription Services to Take Your Daily Ritual to the Next Level

updated Sep 28, 2023
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Welcome to the era of subscription services. Whether it’s snacks, teas, smoothies, groceries, pet food, or meal kits, just about anything and everything can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep. And, that includes coffee! Whether you like yours bold and robust or lighter and more delicate, there’s definitely a subscription service that will cater to your tastes and send you high-quality, freshly roasted beans on a recurring schedule. And, since many of these services use quizzes and surveys to match you with personalized java recommendations, it’s a fun way to expand your coffee taste buds and figure out just what perks you up. If you’d rather skip the work of finding your favorite beans and take your daily cup of joe to the next level ASAP, we spent the better part of last year quizzing, grinding, sipping, and note taking to come up with a list of the very best coffee subscriptions. Take a look at our favorites, and if your fave isn’t on the list, we’d love for you to share your recommendations in the comments section below.

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Atlas Coffee Club

If you're looking for a coffee subscription that takes your tastebuds on new journeys to explore the coffee cultures of different parts of the world, then Atlas Coffee Club is the perfect pick for you. Since signing up for the service last summer, my coffee routine and I have so far been to Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Indonesia, all from the comfort of my couch. To sign up, simply pick your preferred size option per shipment: half bag ($9), single bag ($14), or double bag ($28). Then choose the frequency of delivery (every two weeks or once a month), your roast preference, and grind type. Prices are comparable to what you’d pay at the grocery store, but the flavors are far more exceptional. You can read our full review here — plus, check out their current sale here!

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Bean Box

This Seattle-based company works with thousands of gourmet small-batch roasters to handpick the best beans sourced from throughout the Pacific Northwest. To get started, pick your subscription plan and roast preference: light, medium, dark, espresso, decaf, or “Curator's Choice.” Since launching, Bean Box has been adding flavor profiles to its growing inventory, and right now we're most excited about the newly launched Autumn Spice Blend that captures the flavors of the season in your morning cup. Yum!

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Driftaway Coffee

If you're new to the whole coffee subscription format, Driftaway Coffee is a great way to test the waters. They offer a tasting flight, so you can sample an assortment of flavors and rank which ones you like the best to establish your preferred flavor profile. You also get to pick the grind type, brewing method, frequency, and volume that you want, so you'll always have fresh coffee just the way you like it. The brand also has a strong focus on sustainability, which ranges from compostable packaging to carbon-neutral operations, including providing fair pay for farmers.

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Yes Plz

Food editor Amelia Rampe, said yes to Yes PLZ's monthly coffee subscription service and hasn't looked back since! "I usually tap out after a couple of cups due to coffee’s high acidity factor, but I didn’t ever run into that feeling with Yes Plz." She adds, "It’s a blend you can truly drink all day." Yes Plz, selects and roasts its blends and sends them weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (you choose). Shipping from LA is free, and you can choose between 8.8-ounce bags ($17) that usually brew 15 to 20 cups or 12-ounce bags ($23) that brew anywhere from 18 to 25 cups.

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While Trade Coffee doesn't have its own in-house beans, it's the only brand that sources from some of the finest local coffee shops and roasters across the country. You start by taking a quiz, and they’ll customize a monthly box just for you. Right now, you can get 30 percent off your first delivery, along with free shipping!

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Nguyen Coffee Supply

Nguyen Coffee Supply offers coffee that's directly sourced from a fourth-generation coffee farmer in Da Lat, a region in Vietnam’s Central Highlands known for its optimal growing conditions. They're then roasted in small batches and packaged in Brooklyn. To get the most out of your bag, we recommend using a traditional phin filter, which allows the beans to bloom and release a deeply robust flavor and an entirely distinct coffee experience.

7 / 10
Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Grounds & Hounds is an amazing coffee company not only for their ultra-smooth blends, but also for giving back to a good cause with every sale. A portion of all proceeds go to help rescue animals across the country, so you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and know you're doing a small part to help pets in need. They're also a standout for our editors, with the team raving about their seasonal Pumpkin Spice and Sunny Spot blend specifically designed for making cold brew.

8 / 10
Equator Coffees

I love switching beans between Atlas Coffee Club and Nguyen Coffee Supply, but I recently tested Equator Coffees, and it's my new favorite. The California-based coffee brand has an option specifically for espresso-style coffee, and it's some of the best I have ever tasted. The flavor is rich but smooth, and if you like your coffee black, you'll truly enjoy their beans. In addition to espresso, they offer four different coffee plans. Once you pick your preferred option, you get to choose your grind size, how many bags you need, and how often you'd like it delivered. They also have decaf, instant coffee, and cold coffee options.

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Copper Cow Coffee

For a fuss-free coffee routine, Copper Cow conveniently delivers delicious, bold coffee in two packets: one containing a ground coffee blend and the other with sweetened, additive-free condensed milk from California. (The packets conveniently convert into a recyclable filter that you can prop on top of your mug to let the coffee seep through.) Once your brew is ready, add the condensed milk, and you'll have yourself a cup of delicious, Vietnamese-style coffee. Besides Robusta and Arabica, Copper Cow offers flavors like lavender, ginger, pumpkin spice, churro, and salted caramel Vietnamese-style lattes, as well as dairy-free creamer made with coconut milk.

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was $26.00

I discovered Jot Coffee during the peak of summer 2020. If you're a cold brew drinker, it doesn't get better than their ultra-concentrated brew that's essentially liquified instant coffee sans the muddy, heavy taste. Jot sources beans directly from fair trade-certified and sustainable farms in Central and South America and extracts maximum flavor to create a concentrate that’s supposedly 20 times more intense than traditional coffee. To make your delicious cold brew in seconds, mix one tablespoon of Jot's coffee concentrate with eight cups of cold water, and top with ice cubes. You can also use hot water for a cup of black coffee, or drizzle in milk for an instant latte. Each Ultra Jot coffee bottle yields exactly 14 cups, and you can choose to get a bottle every two, four, or six weeks.