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45 of the Very Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

updated Dec 7, 2023
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There are some people who set their alarms a little earlier than necessary so that they can grind fresh coffee beans every morning. And then there are some people who just want their coffee, and they want it now. Wherever your loved one falls on the caffeine spectrum, these gifts for coffee lovers will make each morning’s cup extra special. We’ve rounded up 45 amazing coffee-lover gifts, including some of the best coffee gear out there, editor-favorite coffee brands, and fun accessories and coffee gadgets that are sure to make them smile.

Whether you’re picking out a gift for a true coffee geek or someone who just needs a great cup of joe, we’ve got all the latest picks to help them brew their brew. For instance, buy them a milk frother to instantly upgrade their cup, or equip them with a Kitchn-editor-approved coffee machine. No matter your budget or present-giving occasion (get a head start on your holiday shopping!), these amazing coffee gifts are guaranteed to delight just about anyone in your life.

Makers & Gadgets

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was $34.95

This little brewer took top honors in our list of best cold-brew makers, and for good reason. It boasts a tiny countertop footprint, straightforward instructions, sturdy construction, and a rainwater head design that disperses water evenly over the grounds. Even better? That affordable price tag!

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The next-level K-Cafe SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker is — just as the name suggests — pretty darn genius. Your giftee can connect it to the app via WiFi and save preferences such as cup size and strength. The editor-favorite find also features BrewID, which will automatically recognize their K-Cup pod and recommend a curated menu of indulgent lattes.

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Clevr Blends

This petite frother from Clevr Blends totally wowed AT managing editor Tamara, who reports that it "creates luxe drinks that give those pricey lattes I buy at the coffee shop a serious run for their money." But, you don't have to just take our word for it — Oprah is a big fan of the brand, too.

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If you have a coffee-loving camper on your gift list this year, they'll adore this lightweight, convenient straw that eliminates the need for a coffee filter when they're on the go. Measuring just 7.8 inches long, it significantly simplifies the brewing process — all your giftee has to do is mix their grinds (or tea leaves) with water, and the straw will filter it out, delivering a smooth mouthful in every sip.

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was $32.50

This wine-bottle-style carafe is designed specifically to fit smaller spaces, yet it still brews five cups of cold brew and can be very easily stored in the fridge. Plus, it looks equally cool atop a home bar, chilling on the shelf in the fridge, or at an alfresco picnic.

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was $199.99

A favorite with coffee aficionados, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System does a lot, thanks to its six brew sizes and hot or cold capability. For cold coffee or tea, just brew over ice at a lower temp, or brew in the carafe for a perfectly hot cup. Have a giftee that drinks both tea and coffee? Two accompanying baskets keep flavors separate.

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If you need gifts for iced coffee lovers, look no further than this ingenious cold brew and iced coffee maker. This highly rated Amazon find can make coffee-shop-worthy cold beverages at home. All you have to do is add coffee grounds to the filter, pour cold water over it, and then brew overnight. And because it can make up to six cups, it’s great for couples or roommates. Just keep it in the fridge to enjoy an iced cold drink anytime.

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was $129.99

The best thing about this K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker is that it can brew hot and cold coffee. The two-in-one machine makes a perfectly potent iced brew by heating up the blend to extract deep flavor and then cooling it without ice — aka no water dilution. Plus, right now you can get 25 percent off at checkout!

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If someone in your life is a true coffee nerd, an Aeropress is a perfect way to let them know you care. When we tested various coffee makers to determine which method could produce the best Italian-style cup, the Aeropress brew was the clear winner, a perfect 10 out of 10. Just like your loved one.

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Williams Sonoma

This machine won the top spot on our list of the best coffee makers out there. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles, but it consistently brews a great cup of coffee and is very easy to use, which is oh-so-important in the early morning hours. It's honestly the gold standard when it comes to drip machines.

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Some might consider this bad boy the end-all-be-all of at-home machines. It looks like something one might find at a hipster coffee shop, and it produces espresso and coffee worthy of long lines and overpriced snacks. Several Kitchn staffers splurged on this baby during the pandemic, and they all say it was the best purchase they've ever made. Get the whole family to chip in with you.

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Williams Sonoma

Forego the high-tech gadgets and bring coffee-making back to the basics with this old-fashioned coffee mill. A Kitchn favorite, it's the perfect gift for the old-school caffeine-lover in your life. Not only does it looks super stylish, it'll also grind beans to different textures like a total champ, so your recipient will always get the best brew whether they use a traditional coffee maker, French press, or anything in between.

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Williams Sonoma

Splurge on the person who wouldn't usually think to splurge on themselves (someone should do it!). This milk frother takes any home coffee experience from boring to wow, and with induction-style heating, it does so in an instant.

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was $24.99

Homemade iced coffee can be pretty disappointing. It either takes FOREVER to chill or it’s completely watered down from all the added ice. But if your coffee-loving friend has this nifty gadget in their freezer, they can chill their favorite brew to a refreshing 72 degrees in just one minute. Cool!

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If your coffee aficionado doesn’t have a Chemex yet, now is the time. It makes great pour-over coffee, and no one can deny that it looks really cool sitting on any counter. This 10-cup version makes enough for a crowd — or one person who just really loves coffee.

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was $29.49

A French press is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make an excellent cup of coffee. There’s no fuss involved, and that’s just what a lot of people want, especially when they’re just waking up. This model is a foolproof classic, ideal for newbies and French press pros alike.

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If something is going to take up counter space, it'd better be worth it. Trust us, this electric kettle earns its spot for those who truly like to geek out while brewing their daily pour-over. It heats up water wicked fast and can maintain a specific temperature for up to 60 minutes. It also looks good while doing it.

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was $99.95

True coffee snobs (we mean that in the best way possible!) scoff at the idea of pre-ground beans. This burr grinder is one the easiest, most consistent ways to get the right grind for any coffee-brewing method. One of our resident coffee professionals swears by it.

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This small-but-might espresso pot can make some seriously good coffee, The cheerful color is a nice interim pick-me-up until the coffee inside is ready.

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That's right: no plugs and no pods. All one needs to enjoy espresso from this machine is ground beans and a bit of boiled water. The easy-to-use hand lever takes care of the rest, producing a strong cup of the good stuff with the oh-so-important crema on top. (Read what one of our coffee experts had to say about this gadget.)

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The true coffee lovers in your life will appreciate how easily this automatic espresso maker lets them serve up barista-level drinks at home. We like that it heats up in 25 seconds and comes with a milk frother — that's much easier to use than a steam wand — and gives anyone the power to make delicious lattess and cappuccinos. Choose between two pour sizes (Espresso or Lungo) and take comfort in the fact that it's small enough to fit just about anywhere in the kitchen.

Subscriptions & Beans

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The cold brew fan in your life will love getting their caffeine fix in the form of this subscription box from Cratejoy. With the MyBevBox Cold Brew Subscription, they'll get a curated selection of cold brews every month. Choose from a one-, three-, six-, or 12-month duration.

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Nguyen Coffee Supply

Vietnamese coffee is a treat that can seem complicated to make at home, but not with this kit from Nguyen Coffee. The bundle includes everything your giftee needs to craft a sumptuous cup, including a phin filter, a stackable glass mug, a coffee scoop set, and 12-ounce bags of three best-selling beans: Dalat, Saigon, and Hanoi.

3 / 10
Copper Cow Coffee

Prefer to keep it simple? This variety pack from female-founded Copper Cow includes 32 ready-to-use pour-over filters in four bestselling flavors: Classic, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Churro. All your giftee needs to do is pour hot water over the filter a few times, and they'll have a piping hot cup in just a couple of minutes.

4 / 10
Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

One editor-favorite coffee brand around here is Grounds & Hounds. Not only do they make delicious coffee, but they also give a portion of the proceeds to animal rescue efforts across the country. They often release special-edition flavors, like one for the Puppy Bowl and another to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but their classic roasts are just as giftable.

5 / 10
Partners Coffee

Partners is the brand that converted one of our Kitchn editors into a fan of instant coffee. The NYC café recently released its best-selling, sustainably sourced brews in instant form, and they’re all equally delicious. Choose from three flavors — Brooklyn (chocolate, toffee, and dried fruit), El Ramo (a dreamy medley of Colombian coffees), and Jumpstart (a full-bodied roast with tons of flavor).

6 / 10

If the thought of selecting a new brew for your coffee-loving friend is too daunting, make them do it themselves! This gift subscription sends personalized picks based on a short questionnaire that the recipient fills out. Each order is roasted fresh right before being shipped out, so your pal will get the freshest java possible.

7 / 10
Woken Coffee

Although not officially affiliated with Nespresso, Woken's compostable pods work with a variety of the brand’s machines. Introduce your most caffeinated friend to this smart concept with a sampler pack of six blends.

8 / 10
Bean Box

This sampler of premium beans will allow your loved one to take a tour around the world — through coffee. As they work their way through the 16 different roasts and blends, they’ll learn about their own preferences and might just discover a new favorite or two.

9 / 10
Equator Coffees

Help others in need and caffeinate your loved one all in one shot. Not only is this gift a great-tasting option from a brand we love, but a portion of the proceeds from each bag of beans sold also goes to a nonprofit started by famed Chef Thomas Keller to benefit hospitality professionals in need.

10 / 10

It only takes one tablespoon of this ultra-concentrated coffee to make an entire cup. Yeah, it’s that strong. But it’s also smooth and full of the rich flavor that true coffee aficionados look for. One bottle is enough to make 14 cups, so this gift will keep on giving, even after the holiday season is over.


1 / 8

For the coffee-pod user in your life, meet the Coffeekeepers under-cabinet K-cup storage solution. This handy rack installs under a shelf or cabinet, keeping a potentially messy situation organized and out of the way — but still within easy reach every time they want to brew a cup.

2 / 8

No true coffee-lover can go about their day without a reliable travel mug. This Zojirushi Stainless Steel Travel Mug is one of our favorite picks for several reasons: We love the affordable price and spill-proof design, but its ability to keep drinks piping hot for hours is what really sets it apart from the rest.

3 / 8

For those who are particular about their beans, get them this airtight container from editor-favorite coffee brand Fellow. It prevents coffee from losing its flavor by keeping air away. The lid fits on with a simple twist and will keep your coffee (or snacks!) fresher for up to 50 percent longer. Plus, it’s such a stylish way to store beans or ground coffee.

4 / 8
East Fork

Handmade in Asheville, NC, this mug has become famous — and even has its own hashtag, #TheMug. It can hold 10 to 12 ounces (depending on how steady the drinker’s hand is), and it feels really nice to hold. Put it this way: Our editors once paused a meeting to take advantage of an East Fork sale. Seriously.

5 / 8

Most of us rarely get a chance to finish our morning cup of joe while it’s still warm, because ... life. This smart mug will keep its contents warm for up to 1.5 hours on its own, or all day long if it’s sitting on its charging coaster base.

6 / 8
Frank Green

A great travel mug is a must-have item for coffee-lovers. That’s because the not-so-great ones can leak, fail to keep coffee warm, or be tricky to clean. This ceramic-lined mug is a winner. In addition to keeping contents hot (or cold) for hours, it won't leak — and it couldn't be cuter.

7 / 8

A coffee scoop is a wonderful (but often overlooked) kitchen tool. This one has a lovely hardwood handle and a scooper that holds just the right amount — a heaping tablespoon — of coffee grounds.

8 / 8

A shot of this nutty syrup can transform a regular cup of java into something truly special and satisfying. It also makes a great addition to milkshakes and hot chocolates, or drizzle it on top of ice cream. Yum!

Just for Fun

1 / 6
was $37.49

From light and sweet to dark and bold, this cozy sweatshirt puts all the ways one can love coffee on display front and center. We love its roomy fit and are sure the person who gets to unwrap this gift will enjoy hours lounging about in it while sipping their favorite blend.

2 / 6
The 125 Collection
was $32.00

The 125 Collection's invigorating body scrub extends the benefits of the bean into the bathtub. A combination of coffee, sugar, and essential oils, the mocha-scented scrub leaves skin feeling awake, alive, and rejuvenated. Pair it with the "Rise and Grind" candle for the ultimate gift duo.

3 / 6

Bring some Bob Ross-level calm to your favorite caffeine fiend's morning routine with this heat-activated, color-changing mug. When it's filled with hot water, the background behind Bob goes from solid black to an idyllic scene of "happy little trees" and "puffy white clouds."

4 / 6

Keep your pal caffeinated while on the go with this handy clamp that can hold small and large coffee cups. It easily attaches to a bike's handlebars, keeping their favorite cuppa within reach and secure no matter how far their ride takes them.

5 / 6

The makers of this product searched long and hard to find just the right bean to pair with rich hard chocolate. They landed on Arabica beans from Columbia, and we agree that the combo is a winner. This snack is great on its own for a quick pick-me-up, but we bet the person you give these to will also enjoy adding them to homemade trail mix or using them in baked creations.

6 / 6
Succulent Box

Native to regions in Asia and southern Africa, this is the same type of coffee plant where many cups of joe get their start. While it’s unlikely to produce berries indoors, it’s still a great, low-maintenance houseplant that doesn’t require a green thumb to keep alive.